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Fish King sold for 300000 yuan! The first fishing

[P] . On August 18, 2023, the first fishing season and Beijiang Food Culture Month event in Qingyuan City was officially launched at the Nan'an Park Square. At the event, a 40 pound black Anhui fish salvaged from the Beijiang River was successfully sold for 300000 yuan, becoming the undisputed "fish king" during this year's fishing season. 'Fish King' sold for 300000 yuan! The first fishing season in Qingyuan has started, and the excitement is ongoing Fish King bidding, showcasing 40 pounds of Beijiang fish on site. Photographed by Qiu Weimin, a journalist from Qingyuan Daily At the launch of the fishing season that night, the festive performances of Beijiang cultural programs, the display of Beijiang's "Eight Fresh Rivers", and the exciting "Fish King" auction attracted many citizens to celebrate the "fishing season" feast together. Among them, the "Fish King" auction was the most eye-catching segment among the public. The enthusiasm at the auction was high, and bidders kept shouting prices from 100000 yuan. The atmosphere was tense and exciting, and in the end, a black Anhui fish weighing 40 pounds sold for a remarkable 300000 yuan, which was successfully snapped up by a bidding entrepreneur. The entrepreneur announced on the spot that the fish would be released, and the auction proceeds would be used for the cultural construction of Beijiang and the upgrading and renovation of the micro landscape of the Beijiang Ecological Economic Belt, which drew applause and cheers from the local residents. 'Fish King' sold for 300000 yuan! The first fishing season in Qingyuan has started, and the excitement is ongoing Live program performance. Photographed by Qiu Weimin, a journalist from Qingyuan Daily At the event site, there were also three themed signing ceremonies for the tourism industry in the Greater Bay Area, the Beijiang Food and Culture Month River Fresh Restaurant, and the financial empowerment of prefabricated vegetable enterprises. This signing of the contract has opened up broader space for comprehensive, wide-ranging, and deep-seated cooperation between Qingyuan government departments and enterprises in the future. It will further promote the distinctive and high-quality development of Qingyuan Beijiang cuisine, laying a solid foundation for polishing Qingyuan cuisine brands. The fishing season series will continue until the evening of August 22nd, and there will be a large-scale special performance every night at the South Bank Park in the city. Meanwhile, from August to October, Qingyuan will launch a series of activities such as visiting the Beijiang River and eating river delicacies, allowing citizens and tourists to experience the natural scenery of Qingyuan's Beijiang River and taste its delicacies. Program List Sunday, August 20, 2022: A large-scale original ethnic dance drama called "Feng Xia Jiang" Taking the folk legend of Qingyuan and the content of "mutual rescue between humans and phoenix" as the main thread, the development of legendary stories is interpreted using contemporary dance art, and the profound connotation of folk culture is interpreted with cleverly designed and vivid dance segments. Monday, August 21, 2022: Classic special session of "Time Music Rhyme" Listen to multiple classic golden songs and take you back to the past! On Qixi, Tuesday, August 22, 2022: "Fishing Boat Sings Evening" Folk Ballad Session Facing the river breeze, the fishing boat floats leisurely, accompanied by singing, the pleasure doubles! Qingyuan Publishing Editorial Department Original title: "The Fish King" Shots 300000 RMB! The First Fishing Season of Qingyuan Starts, Exciting Continues " Read the original text