2023-08-18 08:09:02

The fertilizer price index stabilizes and rebounds

[P] . Cailian News Agency, August 18 (Xinhua) - Recently, with the arrival of the peak demand season, fertilizer prices have shown a significant rebound. According to data from Business Society, the national fertilizer price index was at 1124 points on August 16th, with a cumulative increase of 1.17% this week. Looking at the extended timeline, the index has been fluctuating and rising since 1037 pm on July 6th, with a cumulative increase of 8.39% so far. As an investor, the reporter called the compound fertilizer manufacturer Xinyangfeng, and the relevant person in charge of the company said, "At present, the company's compound fertilizer production and operation are normal. With the arrival of the peak demand season, it has basically achieved full production." Chen Yi, an analyst in the basic chemical industry of Guojin Securities, said that in the short to medium term, after nearly a year of adjustment, most price risks in the fertilizer industry have been released, and downward pressure is relatively small; In the long run, with the limitation of new production capacity and the elimination of outdated production capacity, the improvement of the supply and demand pattern in the fertilizer market will drive the improvement of industry profits. (Securities Daily)