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Metzsetersongas dream of winning three consecutive

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[P] . The ATP '250 Mets match came to an end, with the host team Simon falling straight into two sets in the final, defeating his fellow countryman Tesson's family with a score of 6-4 and 6-3. He won his first tour singles championship for the first time of the season while winning his opponent hard. Simon also continued the tradition of having tour champions earn money for seven consecutive years.

Becker 67 (8)/63/61
ATP'250 Metz Open · Metz, France · September 14-22 · Hard Ground 467800 euros
First roundSecond roundQuarter finalsSemi finalsFinalsChampions
(1) Tesonga (France)TesongaTesonga 63/64Tesonga 46/63/64Tesonga 46/62/63
Wheel Space
Delponis (Argentina)Roger Vaselin 60/62
Camck (Germany) Camck 62/63Camck 16/63/62
(Q) Guille (France)
(Q) Vksowicz (Hungary)Vksowicz 63/76 (5)
(7) Chadi (France)
(4) Kolschreib (Germany)KolschreibMeyer 57/64/75
Wheel Space
Beloki (Argentina)Beloki 63/64
Viselli (Czech Republic)
(LL) Beryl (Germany) Laco 63/16/62Meyer 63/62
Laco (Slovakia)
(Q) Herbert (France)Meyer 62/75
(8) Meyer (Germany)
(5) Barre (France)Becker 63/75Mahu 62/64
Becker (Germany)
(Q) Zwolev (Germany)Olivetti 75/76 3)
(WC) Oliviti (France)
Mahu (France)Mahu 76 (2)/64Mahu 64/64
Maillères (Argentina)
Wheel SpaceSapi
(3) Seppi (Italy)
(6) Quelley (United States)Quelley 46/76 (4)/64Quelley 62 opponents withdrew from the competitionSimon 64/76 (1)
Karlovic (Croatia)
Sisling (Netherlands)Mathieu 67 (4)/75/76 (6)
(WC) Mathieu (France)
De Scheppel (France)De Sheppel 63/62Simon 62/63
Huttagon (Netherlands)
Wheel space
(2) Simon (France)
Seed player/td>Exit before the competitionSubstitute 12345678

[P] . Tsonga Simone Sepicol Schreber Bareguirrei Ch á di Meyer

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