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Tourists are surprised to discover a hidden corpse

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Source: Du JiTang (ID: Du JiTang)


In the past few days, I believe many friends have gone on a trip, but while enjoying themselves, please also remember to pay attention to personal safety.

Don't think I'm alarmist. Just the other day, there was a news story that even ghost stories dared not make up like that, which scared many viewers out of their minds.

The thing is, in recent days, it has been a rush hour for travel. Many netizens have been searching for travel strategies and accommodation information on various platforms, and then someone discovered a chilling negative review:

. [P] . This comment was posted on a review website on April 28th and was directed towards a popular hotel in Lhasa. The content reads: "I was sleeping at the hotel and found a dead body under the bed, it was homicide, and it smelled bad. I checked in on the 20th. Below the comment, the user also posted several images, including the hotel's WeChat transfer records and the police station's transcripts, which appear to have high credibility.

How to say it? Although the public has long criticized the hotel industry, the fact that a dead person is lying under their own bed is so explosive from any perspective that many people cannot believe it is true in the first reaction.

But if this is false, what is the motivation of the publisher?

Peer rumors? But there are many things that can be criticized in a hotel, and there is no need to spread rumors about things that can attract official reports at any time.

Is there a misunderstanding between the customer and the hotel? The possibility is not non-existent, but what kind of misunderstanding is it that makes people have the terrifying idea of "hiding a corpse under the bed"?

Therefore, as soon as this comment was released, many netizens were shocked and gathered to wait for the follow-up.

The first person to respond was the hotel. The hotel didn't say much, but their attitude was quite clear, insisting that what the other party said was all lies: "Do you think the normal answer transcript would be taken by the public security?"

. [P] . It is precisely because of this sentence that many skeptical netizens immediately turned to the store and accused the publisher of spreading rumors.

However, the publisher was not vegetarian, so he simply revealed more evidence in anger. First, he posted a Chat log between himself and the hotel manager.

It shows that the publisher requested an explanation from the store owner, who said, "We are also victims, and I am still cooperating with the police investigation." They promised to provide a response later.

From this perspective, although I don't know the inside story, the murder case that occurred in the hotel should be true.

. [P] . Subsequently, the publisher added many details to the post, with a focus on

As soon as he checked into his room, he smelled a strong strange smell, but the hotel staff comforted him and claimed it was the smell of the bakery downstairs, so he no longer suspected it and stayed in the room for three hours.

2. Later, he took a walk outside and found that the strange smell was still there when he returned. He contacted the front desk to request a room change, and it went smoothly.

However, a few hours later, the police knocked on his door, and only then did he realize that there was a corpse hidden under the bed in the room that had a strange smell.

Such a terrifying and detailed description would have been difficult to write without firsthand experience. The sudden reversal of polarity has left many netizens completely confused.

So is it true or not?

The truth may have been delayed, but this time the police finally took action. This time, the liar finally had nothing to say.


As early as the initial stage of public opinion fermentation, some netizens discovered that media had reported the news of "a dead body found under a hotel bed in Lhasa". Although there were not many details, the time, location, and basic events corresponded, and the authenticity of the matter suddenly increased.

But after all, the media did not give a name, and the store owner insisted that there had been no murder, so many people did not know who to trust.

But before and after May 1st, the local police finally responded to public opinion. According to the police's existing materials, the fact that the body was hidden under the bed was not only true, but even the suspect was arrested a few days ago.

. [P] . The victim of the case, who was found under the bed, was Wang. The body was discovered on April 21st, which is consistent with the time stated by the poster.

The suspect is Gao, who attempted to escape to Lanzhou by train after injuring Wang. He was eventually arrested by the Lanzhou police on the train and the case is still under trial.

Although the police still did not name the hotel involved this time, a combination of keywords such as April 21st, Lhasa, and the body under the hotel bed, such a terrifying case cannot happen again on the same day and in the same place.

[P] . That is to say, what the publisher of the post said at the beginning was true, and it would be extremely frustrating to have such a thing happen when traveling.

And the most eerie part of the whole thing is the shop owner, who vividly demonstrates what it means to have poor service and poor public relations.

If the service is poor, there's no need for me to say more. The so-called internet celebrity hotels have poor hygiene conditions for a day or two.

But no one noticed a body that smelled so bad, which was a bit outrageous anyway. It can be imagined how careless the hotel's cleaning and daily inspections were.

Did any other clients already live in that room before the body was discovered? Think carefully and be extremely afraid.

As for poor public relations, it is the attitude of the store owner in responding to public opinion.

The body was discovered on the 21st, the suspect was arrested on the 22nd, and the customer posted an explosive post on the 28th, with a week between them. It is reasonable that the shop owner has sufficient time to calm the customer's emotions and make compensation.

If the store achieves this, customers may not publicize the matter, and the matter will be controlled within the scope of as few people as possible.

However, looking at the Chat log displayed by the customer, the shopkeeper apparently failed to do a good job in pacifying the customer, so the customer still couldn't help bursting out the matter a week later.

Forget it, what's even more remarkable is that the store owner publicly stated that the customer was spreading rumors even though they knew there was something wrong, which directly led to the subsequent chain hammer.

Although we can understand that their purpose in saying this is to prevent the scandal from spreading, is this realization coming too late?

Based on the current situation, the shop owner has been stripped of their underwear by netizens, and it should be difficult to recover in the short term.

After all, everyone goes on a trip for fun, and even if the price is cheap, no one is willing to choose a hotel that, after death, still needs to be discovered by customers.

As for what will happen to this store in the future, whether it will go bankrupt directly from now on or change its name after the hype, it depends on their own fate.

But there is no doubt that the foundation of a hotel is service. If there are any problems with service, any amount of decoration is useless. I hope more colleagues will take this as a warning.


Safety is the top priority when going out. To be honest, incidents of murder in hotels are not uncommon in reality.

However, many people usually pay little attention and have a lucky mentality, so that when real cases occur, they think it's just a joke.

So what will happen to the hotel rooms where these cases occurred in the future?

I checked around and found it really difficult to generalize. It probably depends on the conscience of the shop owner.

Generally speaking, if a murder occurs in a hotel, the media will report it, but it will not be reported in too much detail. The room number is probably not reported. So there is a gap in the handling of "ferocious rooms".

If it is a large formal hotel, it will leave the room vacant for a period of time after a major cleaning, which is good for both customers and employees.

For example, this is how a hotel in Macau handled a suicide case in 2017.

. [P] . But if it were some less formal small hotels, they would probably not be so considerate. Usually, they would only clean up casually after the police investigation is completed, and then continue to rent, with customers probably unaware.

How to say it?

From the perspective of Materialism, this approach is not a big problem, as long as the health is in place.

However, it is difficult to say the psychological impact, and different people have their own opinions. Therefore, the so-called "Murder Room Map" is also popular abroad, which is to gather information about hotel rooms where a murder has occurred in a place and create a map for everyone to use for lightning protection.

I personally think that if a hotel really experiences a murder, the owner is actually the victim. As an ordinary customer, one should not be too harsh on the store owner.

But the above premise is that the store has fulfilled its responsibilities, such as implementing routine inspections, ensuring proper hygiene, reporting any problems immediately, and handling them well afterwards.

But like the internet celebrity hotel this time, when the bodies stink and they don't even realize it, they don't appease customers afterwards, and they continue to operate as if nothing happened. They say that customers are spreading rumors, so it's impossible to justify it. This kind of "internet celebrity" should disappear as soon as possible.

I can only remind everyone once again that if you want to stay in a hotel while out, the most important thing to care about is the hotel's qualifications and services. Do not blindly follow the trend and pursue the so-called "internet celebrity" hotels.

Finally, I wish you all have a good time, go out safely and smoothly, and will never appear in the news, especially in Society reporting.

Author: Poison Brother&Yucheng

Source: Du JiTang (ID: Du JiTang)

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