2023-06-08 20:08:18

Dormitory administrator rapes deaf and mute mother

[P] . Original title: Dormitory administrator rapes deaf and mute mother of student, sentenced to four years

The prosecutor's office accuses that on June 28, 2020, the defendant Li, who served as a dormitory administrator in a high school, took advantage of the victim Wang (who is deaf and mute) to deliver items to the school, brought him to his dormitory, locked the door, and forcibly had sexual intercourse with him without the victim's consent.

2. On the evening of September 11, 2022 (the 16th day of the eighth lunar month), the defendant Li went to Wang's residence after drinking and attempted to rape him again. He encountered Wang's husband and Li tried to deceive him on the grounds that the school was distributing mooncakes. He was discovered and left.

3. At around 18:00 on the evening of September 19, 2022, the defendant, Li, came to Wang's residence after drinking and saw him sleeping in the bedroom with constipation. After entering the bedroom, he left the door ajar and touched Wang's chest with his hand. Wang was frightened and shouted. Just as Wang's husband was returning from his trip, he rushed to the bedroom immediately upon hearing the sound. Upon seeing that Wang's shirt was not neat, Li knelt down and apologized to Wang's husband, promising to pay money to settle the matter, Wang's husband claimed to call the police, but Li was afraid of calling the police and offered to write a guarantee letter. After Wang's husband received the guarantee letter, he warned Li not to harass Wang again. Before Li left, he claimed that the guarantee certificate was just a piece of waste paper. Wang's husband was furious and blocked Li at home and called the police.

[P]< Img src=“ https://img.shuziqushi.com/uploadwww/20230608/1686226117-9211.jpeg-ys The dormitory administrator raped the deaf and mute mother of a student and was sentenced to four years