2023-06-08 12:54:01

Zhengzhou Admissions Office responded to the exami

[Zhengzhou Admissions Office responded that # examinees roast about the poor quality of the unified pen used in the examination site #: new pens have been delivered urgently] On June 7, # college entrance examination students in Zhengzhou, Henan reported that the unified pen used in the examination room was too much ink, and the answer card was dirty. Some candidates also claim that stationery is very difficult to use, and even if two pens are changed, they will run out of water. On the 8th, the Zhengzhou Admissions Office responded that new pens had been delivered to the examination center as soon as possible after receiving student feedback. On the 7th, 2400 pens were allocated overnight for each exam point, and any problematic pens will be sealed for later identification. According to reports, the 2023 Henan Provincial College Entrance Examination will be uniformly equipped with stationery. The stationery used by candidates will be provided by the examination center and cannot be brought by themselves.