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Injuries caused by teacher beating students in the

[P] . Recently, the Nanguan Police Station of Yuanzhou District Branch of Guyuan Municipal Public Security Bureau successfully cracked a case of intentional injury to school students through careful investigation and evidence collection, and suspect Li was detained.

On December 13th, Zhang Lemou reported to Nanguan that his son Zhang was beaten and injured by his teacher Li in the afternoon kindergarten. After receiving the alarm, the police on duty immediately went to the Yuanzhou District Hospital to visit Zhang, who was injured, and subsequently carried out case investigation work.

Injuries caused by teacher beating students in the afternoon care class

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After investigation, on the noon of December 13, 2017, Li, a teacher of a certain afternoon care class, received several afternoon care students including Zhang at the entrance of a primary school in Yuanzhou District. On the way to the afternoon care class on foot, Zhang and a classmate disregarded Li's control and crossed the road to buy snacks without permission. After lunch that day, teacher Li brought Zhang and three other students to the first classroom on the fifth floor of the afternoon care class. After wearing basic protective equipment to Zhang, he used the excuse of engaging in boxing battles to beat Zhang, resulting in a serious consequence of Zhang's left arm fracture. After forensic identification, Zhang's injury was classified as a minor injury of level one.

After interrogation, Mr. Li confessed to the above Corpus delicti, and his behavior has constituted the crime of intentional Assault. According to Article 234 of the Criminal Law and relevant provisions of the Criminal Procedure Law, the branch took compulsory measures of criminal detention against Li on December 22. The investigation and handling of the case is still ongoing.

In order to prevent such cases from happening again, the Yuanzhou District Public Security Bureau immediately deployed a safety inspection operation on all student afternoon care institutions in its jurisdiction. At the same time, it required the heads and staff of student afternoon care institutions to strictly abide by laws and regulations, manage and teach in a civilized manner, and resolutely prevent the occurrence of physical punishment such as beating, cursing, and disguised forms of physical punishment.