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[P] . In the fragmented Hangzhou real estate market, core areas such as the Olympic sports sector can still attract homebuyers to compete for housing resources, and real estate developers can also capture the top price in the land market and hand over the land acquisition results to Xuanxue. But in areas such as Lin'an in the outskirts of Hangzhou, real estate developers are pushing fancy promotions to the extreme, with previous homebuyers seeing the total price of their homes drop by several hundred thousand before they even pay. Sun Ning (pseudonym) bought the Huafa Huitianfu project in Lin'an District in March last year. Just over two months later, she discovered in the owner group that the house had been reduced in price in a disguised form. The newly sold houses in the project began to receive 3000 yuan/square meter for fine decoration, and an 89 square meter house was equivalent to a disguised price reduction of over 260000 yuan. But what opened Sun Ning's eyes to the fact is that the Huafa Huitianfu project has recently sent gold directly to sell a house. A local intermediary told Interface News reporters that recently, Huafa Huitian Mansion has been sold at its original price, but will directly return gold. The latest fourth batch of properties (except for buildings 4, 6, 7, and 14) will return 700 grams of gold for houses with 89 square meters; A 100 square meter house returns 850 grams of gold; A 119 square house returns 1000 grams of gold. The fifth batch of properties (buildings 4, 6, 7, and 14) with an area of 89 square meters will receive 900 grams of gold in return; A 100 square house returns 1050 grams of gold. Gold is the gold bar of Ningbo Bank, "the above-mentioned intermediary told Interface News reporters. Based on the real-time gold price of 450.31 yuan/gram on June 7th, for a 100 square meter house, buyers can receive up to 472800 yuan in cash. The interface news query shows that the highest total price for a 100 square meter house in Huitianfu is around 2.5 million yuan, and the cheapest price is around 2.2 million yuan. Taking high-rise buildings as an example, for a house with a total price of around 2.5 million yuan, the discounted total price is around 20.2 million yuan, which is equivalent to a 20% discount. Even with such discounts, it has been difficult for Huafa Huitian Mansion to sell since November 2021, and there are still 29 units of houses with pre-sale certificates that have not been sold out. Meanwhile, half of the houses obtained in March 2022 have not been sold. A person from the Lin'an market told the interface news reporter that there are too many projects on sale in the Lin'an market, and even if they are discounted, they are not easy to sell. In fact, there are almost no unchanged discounted projects in the current Lin'an market, and the discount intensity of Huafa Hui Tianfu is not the largest yet. According to the interface news, the actual discount for the Yuexiu Guiyueli project in Lin'an District is greater than that of Huitianfu. According to the sales introduction of the Guiyueli project, the project currently offers decoration, parking spaces, and a 10-year property fee. Some properties also offer 5 mobile phones, and there is a discount for the house. The promotional poster of Yuexiu Guiyue Li says that the limited time discount can reach 600000 yuan. In addition, in terms of down payment, there was a zero down payment project in Lin'an last year, which is located by Qingshan Lake in Yincheng. In terms of specific implementation, the advertisement by Qingshan Lake states that a minimum down payment of 180000 yuan can be given as a free Audi A3, which is equivalent to 0 yuan for a house purchase. In April of this year, a new promotion strategy was launched by Qingshan Lake, which started with a down payment of 20000 yuan and included a gift worth 480000 yuan of gold. The down payment for Greenland Baiyuan Jingshe is also very low. After the record price is 95% off, the developer will subsidize the down payment by 20%. The total price after the discount is equivalent to 76% off, starting from 17500 yuan. There are also properties that offer a discounted one go price, such as the Minjie Star's Baiyue Mansion project, which has a one go price as low as 1.65 million yuan and offers free decoration and parking spaces, equivalent to an 85% discount. The reason behind these developer promotion methods is the prominent contradiction of oversupply in the Lin'an real estate market and the overall decline of the real estate market. According to the Lin'an real estate market statistics under 365 Taofang, as of 14:00 on June 5th, Lin'an residential properties can be sold up to 10427 units, with a saleable area of 1.1819 million square meters, which is at the same level as the inventory of 10407 units in early May. In May of this year, only 471 new houses in Lin'an were signed online. Calculated based on the number of online signings in May, it means that the relocation period for new houses in Lin'an will reach 22 months. In addition, taking the second-hand houses that best reflect the true market situation as an example, the real estate market in Hangzhou fell again in May. According to data from Hangzhou, where I love my home, after the transaction volume dropped to 7268 units in April, the transaction volume of second-hand houses in Hangzhou once again "declined" in May. In May, a total of 6885 second-hand houses were sold in Hangzhou (including Fuyang), a decrease of 5.27% month on month. The further decline in transaction volume also means that selling houses in the market has become more difficult. The decline in second-hand housing transactions has in turn affected homebuyers' confidence in the new housing market, especially in the suburban market. It is worth noting that in the former restricted purchase area of Donghu New City in Linping District, there have also been zero down payment real estate developments. The recent promotional poster of Huajingchuan University of Science and Technology · Huqinchen Garden has a large "0 down payment" printed on it, but the discount is a special policy for "H class personnel" to purchase a house, with only 50 seats available. For zero down payment, a developer in Hangzhou told interface news reporters that the significance lies in attracting customers. Whether it's fancy promotions or zero down payment, the online registration price of the project is still the original price. As long as the buyer buys a house, the developer can obtain loan funds from the bank according to the normal process, and the project has working capital. Even if the developer refunds a portion of the money to the buyer, the project can still flow. The developer's vision is certainly good, but homebuyers may not necessarily buy it, as their cognitive information gap in real estate is becoming smaller and smaller. Several homebuyers expressed the same view towards the interface news reporter, that is, the more restrictions on purchasing are lifted, the less they can buy, and the more cautious they should be in areas with greater discounts and promotions. In addition, Sun Ning will also become a stumbling block for these projects. Sun Ning told Interface News that he had already persuaded several homebuyers who wanted to buy Huafa Huitian Mansion. This is the most failed investment in my life, and I can't see them following me anymore, "said Sun Ning.