2023-06-07 14:08:22

The night before the college entrance examination,

< a> The night before the college entrance examination, I found out that my ID card had expired. The national police had already guessed! Without identification, going to the wrong exam venue, oversleeping, and expired ID cards... These so-called "routine news events for the college entrance examination" have also emerged without exception in 2022. However, behind the careless behavior of some candidates, there is always the help of the police who escort the college entrance examination to crack it.

At about 20:00 on June 6, Wang Juan, a registered residence police officer at the Fanjiacun Police Station in Fengtai District, Beijing, received an emergency call from a college entrance examination student when she was late calling. She said that she found that her ID card had expired when checking her credentials, and asked if she could apply for a new one.

Wang Juan recognized the examinee's anxiety on the phone, immediately comforted the examinee, reopened the door of the registered residence room, accepted the verification urgently, and worked overtime to apply for a temporary ID card for the examinee. The candidate received the warm temporary ID card and was extremely excited, repeatedly expressing gratitude, saying that they would definitely do their best in the exam the next day and not disappoint the police's hard work.

Coincidentally, on the evening of June 6, Qi Yanfang, a registered residence policeman of Hangzhou Xiaoshan District Public Security Branch who was resting at home, also received a phone call, "There was a college entrance examination student who needed to apply for a temporary ID card..." She put down the phone and hurried back to her unit.

< a> The night before the college entrance examination, I found out that my ID card had expired. The national police had already guessed! It is understood that candidate Xiao Wang is studying high school in Hangzhou. He was careless and only found out that his ID card had expired the night before the exam. He was so anxious that he had to travel around. Where can he go to apply for a new ID card so late? The children's parents thought of asking for help from the Guali police station where their registered residence is located.

Regarding the child's college entrance examination, police officer Qi Yanfang had been waiting inside the station for a long time. When her parents took the child to the police station, the station immediately opened a green channel and actively contacted the review unit. In less than 25 minutes, a brand new temporary ID card was processed. "I didn't expect it to be so fast..." Candidate Xiao Wang and his parents both breathed a sigh of relief and thanked the police station and the police officer in succession.

It is worth mentioning that June 6th also happens to be the birthday of police officer Qi Yanfang. That night, she posted a friend circle to cheer for all the candidates - "On June 6th birthday, with the help of the evening, some college entrance exam students are confused. I wish all the best for tomorrow!"

The college entrance examination is not a single battle, but a concerted relay of the whole society, only to help students achieve their dreams. We are ready to escort the candidates!

Article/Song Xia, reporter of Beijing Youth Daily