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A man in Miyun, Beijing stabbed 5 people with scis

[P] . More than a year ago, Wang Shanwen, who lives in Miyun, Beijing, stabbed 5 colleagues and drove a silver gray van eastward, passing through 5 villages. Within a distance of less than 3 kilometers, he collided with 9 people. Except for one of his colleagues, the other 8 were strangers walking along the road, ultimately resulting in one death and Wang Shanwen committing suicide. Afterwards, five injured individuals and the families of the deceased filed a lawsuit against Zhang, the mother of Wang Shanwen, to the court for compensation. The reporter learned that recently, the Miyun Court made first instance judgments in six cases, determining that Zhang, as the heir of Wang Shanwen, should be compensated within the actual value of his inheritance. The total compensation awarded was over 1.09 million yuan. The maximum compensation amount is 610000 yuan and the minimum compensation amount is 20000 yuan. Backtracking The police offer a reward of 200000 yuan for the man's stabbing and collision At around 15:00 on July 23, 2017, a criminal case occurred in Miyun. A man stabbed 5 people with scissors at a mixing station in Jugezhuang Town and then drove a van to escape. During the process, he hit and injured 9 people on the old road of Miying Road, resulting in the death of one of them. At about 1:30 p.m. the next day, the Miyun police issued a "clue collection" notice, offering a reward of 200000 yuan to find the person - suspect Wang Shanwen, 38 years old, unmarried, about 180cm tall, thin, short, long, thin face, yellow skin, wearing a black bottom floral half sleeve shirt on the top and dark pants on the bottom. The police said Wang Shanwen absconded after the crime, and released the suspect's head portrait and monitoring pictures. At around 2 pm that day, the police reported that they had discovered the body of Wang Shanwen, and the cause of death was determined to be suicide. Claim A 16-year-old girl was disabled by a collision The first girl to be hit on Mixing Road was Xiao Qian (pseudonym), who was nearly 16 years old at the time of the incident. The surveillance video shows that on July 23rd at 15:03:50 seconds, Wang Shanwen's van was rapidly reversing to the intersection of Miying Road East Third Entrance when it ran over the girl's back, and the entire process took less than 5 seconds. In Xiaoqian's indictment, it is mentioned that she was hospitalized for surgical treatment in the orthopedics and burn departments of the hospital. It is understood that Wang Shanwen's legal heir is his mother Zhang. According to relevant laws and regulations, Wang Shanwen's heirs should compensate the plaintiff within the scope of their inheritance. Therefore, they filed a lawsuit in court and demanded that Wang Shanwen's mother, Zhang, compensate a total of 182425.21 yuan for medical expenses, hospitalization meal subsidies, disability compensation, and mental damage compensation. During the trial, Zhang was lawfully summoned by the court and did not appear in court to respond, nor did he submit a written defense to the court. After trial, the Miyun Court ruled in first instance that Zhang compensated Xiaoqian with a total of over 160000 yuan in disability compensation within the actual value range of inheriting Wang Shanwen's inheritance. The octogenarian was hit and killed Among all the people who were hit, one person died, Wang, who was 85 years old. He happened to be hit by Wang Shanwen's car at the intersection and died on the spot. Wang Shanwen's mother Zhang was sued by a total of 5 children and their families, claiming a total of 222002 yuan for death compensation, mental damage compensation, and funeral expenses. The final court ruling supported all the claims of the five defendants. Among the six cases, Mr. Feng, 62 years old, claimed the most, totaling over 630000 yuan. On the same day, he was hit across from the Jiuyuan Village Committee in Jugezhuang Town and was taken to the hospital for treatment. After diagnosis, it was diagnosed as spleen rupture, clavicle fracture, ulna fracture, radius fracture, metacarpal fracture, rib fracture, subarachnoid hemorrhage, pleural effusion, lung contusion, liver contusion, brachial plexus injury, etc., and was hospitalized for 252 days successively. After being appraised by the Institute of Science and Technology Appraisal of the University of France, the appraisal opinion is that Feng's disability level is level eight. Upon the application of Feng, the court issued a civil ruling freezing Wang Shanwen's bank deposits; Seize the van under Wang Shanwen's name. The final first instance judgment of the court found that Zhang compensated the plaintiff Feng for a total of over 610000 yuan in economic losses within the actual value range of inheriting Wang Shanwen's estate, including medical expenses, hospitalization food subsidies, nutrition expenses, nursing expenses, accommodation expenses, transportation expenses, disability compensation, and mental damage compensation. It is reported that Mr. Feng also received the highest compensation among all the plaintiffs sued. Wen/Reporter Hong Xue