2023-06-01 14:54:14

A woman was followed by three men during a live st

[# Women's shopping was followed by three men to broadcast pornographic ballads on the live broadcast.] On June 1, in Xishuangbanna, Yunnan Province, Ms. Guo and two friends were shopping at the Xingguang night market. They were harassed by three men who were holding a stand for Tiktok live broadcast. The three men laughed while opening their yellow tunes. They asked the other party not to take photos, but after being ignored, they couldn't help but scold. Unexpectedly, the other party became angry and embarrassed, and they followed them all the way through the live broadcast, making rumors in the live broadcast room. Later, both sides went to the police station to mediate, but one of the men wearing a floral shirt turned back and refused to admit it, with a very bad attitude and even made threats. Ms. Guo hopes that the man wearing a floral shirt will admit the truth and stop quibbling. In the future, she hopes that more girls will not be harassed by outdoor live streaming@ Boiling point video