2023-05-16 22:11:13

Domestic finished product oil prices have dropped

According to the recent changes in international market oil prices and the current mechanism for pricing refined oil, starting from 24:00 on May 16, 2023, the prices of domestic gasoline and diesel (standard products, the same below) will be reduced by 380 yuan and 365 yuan per ton, respectively. After adjustment, the highest retail prices of gasoline and diesel in each province (district, city) and central city are shown in the attached table. The relevant price linkage and subsidy policies shall be implemented in accordance with current regulations.

CNPC, Sinopec, CNOOC, and other crude oil processing enterprises should organize the production and transportation of finished oil products, ensure stable market supply, and strictly implement national pricing policies. Relevant departments in various regions should increase market supervision and inspection efforts, strictly investigate and punish behaviors that do not comply with national price policies, and maintain normal market order. Consumers can report price violations through the 12315 platform.

The domestic finished oil price has achieved a "two consecutive drops". On average, the 92 # gasoline has been adjusted by 0.30 yuan per liter, the 95 # gasoline has been adjusted by 0.32 yuan per liter, and the 0 # diesel has been adjusted by 0.31 yuan per liter. According to the estimated 50L capacity of a typical household car fuel tank, filling a box of 92 gasoline will save 15 yuan.

Attachment: The highest retail prices of gasoline and diesel in various provinces, regions, cities, and central cities

Domestic finished product oil prices have dropped continuously for two times, saving 15 yuan by filling up one box of oil