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Zhuanxu Emperor Kulings Merit and Virtue Box is pa

Translated from: Jiupai News

On May 9th, according to the Western Decision, a netizen in Anyang, Henan Province discovered that payment codes were attached to both sides of the merit box during a visit to the Zhuanxu Emperor Ku Mausoleum scenic area, citing a report from Julang Video. This incident has attracted widespread attention.

Zhuanxu Emperor Kuling's Merit and Virtue Box is pasted with payment codes. Staff: Young people do not bring cash, and the payment codes are kept up with the times. The funds will be used for the construction of the Second Emperor Mausoleum

The video shows that a payment code is attached to both sides of the merit box, and the video producer is also surprised, stating that the current merit box can be scanned for payment.

On May 9th, the staff of Zhuanxu Emperor Ku Mausoleum stated that due to the fact that young people do not bring cash, they have kept up with the times and posted payment codes. Of course, coins can also be deposited, and the received funds will be directly transferred to the financial office of the scenic area and used for the construction of the Second Emperor Mausoleum.

The staff member said, "We have posted QR codes for the past two years, and it's not just this way of receiving payment. It's just because some young people don't bring cash when they go out now, so posting this is also keeping up with the times. We have received funds specifically for the construction of the Second Emperor Mausoleum."

According to public information, Zhuanxu (zhu) ā n x ū) Diku (k ù) Mausoleum is located in Liangzhuang Town, Neihuang County, Anyang City, Henan Province. It is commonly known as "Second Emperor Mausoleum" and "Gaowang Temple" among the people. It is the mausoleum of Zhuanxu, the second emperor of Gaoyang Family, and Diku, the third emperor of Gaoxin Family, among the "Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors" in ancient times. The cemetery covers an area of over 350 acres, with a length of 2050 meters from north to south and a width of 1060 meters from east to west.

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