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Song Huiqiao won Bai Xiangshis award for "Dar

At the 59th Baekwong Art Awards in South Korea, Song Hye kyo won the Baekwong Art Awards for her performance in "Dark Glory". After receiving the award, she took the stage to express her gratitude to the female antagonist of "Dark Glory", Yeon jin. "I won Yeon jin, I am very excited now!"

Song Huiqiao won Bai Xiangshi's award for

It is reported that 41-year-old Song Hye kyo has been nominated four times in her career, marking her first time winning an award. She won the Best Popular Actress award in the Television category for her role in "The Descendants of the Sun" starring her ex husband Song Chung kyi.

Song Huiqiao won Bai Xiangshi's award for

Introduction to "Dark Glory": Wen Dong'en (played by Song Huiqiao), who dreams of becoming an architect, had to drop out of high school due to campus violence. Later, he waited until the perpetrator planned to get married and his child entered elementary school. She served as the homeroom teacher for that child and began a story of thorough and tragic revenge against the perpetrators and bystanders.