2023-04-24 08:53:13

Violating the unfair competition Law, the intermed

[The intermediary who violated the unfair competition Law bribed Zhang Liangying's former broker and was fined 2.1 million yuan for winning the bid] According to Tianyancha App, recently, Beijing Subi Culture Communication Co., Ltd. was fined 2.1 million yuan by the Chaoyang District Market Supervision Administration of Beijing for violating the unfair competition Law and confiscated about 279600 yuan of illegal income. According to the punishment reasons, in December 2019, Beijing Zitiao Network Technology Co., Ltd. prepared the 2020 "New Year Love DOU Pet Fan Night" live broadcast event and intended to contact relevant artists through an intermediary company to participate. Subei Culture Communication Company paid a promotional fee of 91000 yuan to Sun, the entertainment marketing manager of Zitiao Company, and a promotional fee of 91000 yuan to Xia, the agent of artist Zhang. Taking advantage of their positions, Subei Culture Communication Company obtained a transaction opportunity to provide services for the above-mentioned live streaming activities of Zitiao Company. Therefore, Subei Culture Communication Company received a service fee of 700000 yuan from Zitiao Company and paid artist Zhang's brokerage company 400000 yuan, After deducting the paid taxes, the illegal income of Subei Culture Communication Company is approximately 279600 yuan.