2023-03-21 15:45:57

"College graduates who collect junk and earn

March 20th, Zhengzhou, Henan. The video of Ms. Huang earning more than ten thousand yuan in Zhengzhou during her "junk collection" month in 1995 has caused a heated discussion among netizens. Ms. Huang said that she had changed three or four jobs after graduation. After entering the workplace, she did not want to repeat mechanical work, so she decided to start a business. She should not let her education become a shackle and a high platform that would not let her down. She encouraged everyone to bravely do what they wanted to do.

It is understood that Ms. Huang majored in "International Economics and Trade" at school. After graduation, Ms. Huang found her work repetitive, mechanical, and meaningless. Ms. Huang had a bold idea to resign and start a business. Finally, Ms. Huang chose the industry of waste recycling. Ms. Huang said that collecting waste products is a manual task, which can sometimes be tiring. However, compared to the mental and mental strain of sitting in the office, she prefers to work with more physical effort such as collecting waste products.

211 College students earn over 10000 yuan a month to pick up junk, and 500000 yuan a day to sell baked sweet potatoes in Japan! The Japanese Chinese interviewed a street vendor selling roasted sweet potatoes and said that he could sell 500000 yen (about 26100 yuan) a day in a good place. Originally, Japanese people like to eat roasted sweet potatoes so much. I took a look and saw that in Japan, sweet potatoes are called sweet potatoes. Smaller ones (about 4 liang) sell for 200 yen, while larger ones (about half a kilogram) sell for 300 yen. On average, a sweet potato costs 250 yen and sells 500000 yen a day. This stall owner can sell 2000 roasted sweet potatoes a day.

Japanese supermarkets sell sweet potatoes at 380 yen per kilogram, and vendors sell sweet potatoes at wholesale prices. Excluding fuel and labor costs, the vendor's gross profit can reach 40%. That is, if he sells 500000 yen of baked sweet potatoes a day, he can earn a profit of 200000 yen (about 10440 yuan). Take off Kong Yiji's long shirt, they can all make a fortune, see? The 11 million college students who can't find a job this year, take off Kong Yiji's long clothes, and have a vast world and great achievements!

As the saying goes, "Every industry has its own reasons for its existence. In recent years, such as college students' entry into waste recycling, tomb keepers, delivery boys, and delivery boys have become news. Although this has to some extent caused netizens' anxiety about" talent waste, "the influx of highly educated talents into all walks of life is a good thing, Because a large influx of talent is likely to drive innovation and development in these industries. Of course, the influx of talents into various industries has also raised a wake-up call for everyone. The addition of high-quality talents is bound to accelerate the frequency of survival of the fittest in this industry.