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Investment Observation | "Whose Loss Is It?&q

On the morning of March 21, many netizens reported that the Oriental Wealth trading software crashed and could not log in for trading. "Network connection abnormality", "server abnormality" and other prompts appear on the software page.

Investment Observation |

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Phoenix Finance "Investment Watch" has repeatedly called the customer service hotline of Oriental Wealth Securities on this matter, but the line is always busy.

Many netizens questioned, "Whose losses are caused by the collapse of Oriental Wealth Trading Software?"

In response, Fu Jian, director of Henan Zejin Law Firm, stated that the development and operation of the trading system should ensure the normal use of users, and formulate relevant emergency response plans. In the face of unexpected situations, it can maximize the protection of users' property interests. The collapse of trading software indicates that there is a problem of inadequate management, but for investors, it is difficult to obtain compensation for the losses caused, because if they file a lawsuit in the court, it is difficult for investors to prove that due to system failure, they were unable to complete the transaction, resulting in a loss of property interests.

Fenghuang.com Finance and Economics "Investment Observation" has learned that in the A-share market, securities trading software crashes occur from time to time. On March 14th last year, the trading system of China Merchants Securities crashed, and "China Merchants Securities crashed" rushed to Weibo for hot searches. For a moment, investors were expressing dissatisfaction on various platforms such as Weibo, Stock Bar, and Zhihu.

Just two months later, the China Merchants Securities system crashed again. On May 16th, a large number of investors responded that the China Merchants Securities Trading System could not log in on both the computer and mobile terminals, resulting in many investors' trading being suspended.

In response, the official Weibo of China Merchants Securities issued a response confirming that there was indeed an abnormality in the trading system. "This morning, there was an abnormality in the login of some customers of China Merchants Securities Trading System. Currently, it has returned to normal. The company is deeply sorry for this. If you have any questions, you can contact the investment adviser or customer manager, and the company will do its best to serve customers."

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