2023-03-20 20:34:22

Russian media: For safety reasons, the Russian Pre

According to a report on the website of the Moscow Communist Youth League newspaper on March 20th, the Russian Presidential Office recommended that its staff replace Apple phones with smartphones from other manufacturers by the end of March. According to the Businessman, this proposal was put forward in early March. According to sources in the newspaper, the management of the Russian Presidential Office may even purchase new and safe phones from other brands for employees to help them abandon Apple phones. Employees in the Office of the Chief Executive may also receive similar advice.

According to the report, the Russian President's Office includes four departments, dealing with domestic policies, public projects, safeguarding the activities of the State Council, and information technology and communication development. Employees from the first three departments will also prepare for the 2024 presidential election.

The source said that it is recommended that employees of the Presidential Office purchase phones using the Android operating system, the Russian "Aurora" operating system, or similar systems developed by Chinese companies.

According to the report, it should be noted that since the end of 2022, the Russian government has been discussing with market participants the prospect of establishing an independent mobile phone ecosystem in Russia that is not constrained by the technology of Western IT giants. The "Aurora" operating system was originally developed for this purpose. (Compiled by Zhu Lifeng)