2023-03-18 09:49:57

Trumps Facebook and Instagram accounts are officia

Li Lili, a journalist from Jimu News

Former US President Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts were officially restored on February 9th local time, and Trump can re post on these social media platforms. As of the press release, Trump has not yet "spoken out".

Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts are officially unsealed Image source: Associated Press

According to a report from BBC 2 on October 10th, Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts have been officially restored after more than two years of inactivity.

In January 2021, due to dissatisfaction with the election results, Trump was suspected of inciting supporters to break into the Capitol on social platforms, causing riots in the Capitol. Since then, Trump has been banned from using social media platforms, and his account has been blocked in succession.

During this period, Trump founded his own social media platform, "Truth Social," but his influence has always been limited. According to previous media reports, Trump has 4.84 million fans on Truth Society. On Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, his followers were 87.65 million, 34.56 million, and 23.4 million, respectively.

In November 2022, after acquiring Twitter, Musk took the lead in restoring Trump's account, but Trump did not use it.

In January 2023, Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Instagram, said it would lift the freeze on Trump's account in the coming weeks. Nick Clegg, president of global affairs at the company, believes that the review found that Trump's account no longer poses a serious threat to public security, and that the public has a right to hear what their politicians are saying.

The company said that if Trump violates its content policy again, his account will still be banned for a period ranging from one month to two years.

On January 28th local time, Trump officially launched his 2024 presidential campaign in New Hampshire and South Carolina.

On February 9th, Meta officially unlocked Trump's Facebook and Instagram accounts. This means that Trump may once again gain a strong communication and fund-raising platform.

According to CNN, a consultant to Trump said that Trump does not use Facebook as frequently as he does on Twitter, but the campaign team will advertise him on Facebook. "It is a very important fundraising tool and an important tool to attract many fans," he said.

As of press release, Trump has not yet "spoken out" on these platforms.

(Source: Jimu News)