2023-03-17 21:31:56

The passenger of Shenzhen Airlines passenger plane

From: Beijing News Our Video

[# Engine failure detected before Shenzhen Airlines passenger plane took off # Passengers are still resting at the hotel] On March 17, Shenzhen Airlines flight ZH9980 found a fault while launching a taxi at Hangzhou Airport and returned. The flight was originally scheduled to fly from Hangzhou to Guangzhou around 9:00 pm. As of 16:00, Shenzhen Airlines customer service said that "the aircraft is still under maintenance and is expected to take off at 18:00 sharp.". A passenger said that after the plane returned to its parking position, everyone took their luggage off the plane. "Fortunately, the fault was detected before takeoff.". The boarding gate staff stated to the passengers that when the aircraft taxied, it was found that the engine had malfunctioned, and maintenance parts needed to be shipped from Wuxi to Hangzhou, which would take a long time to assemble. The passenger said that he was still resting at the hotel as of 17:00, waiting for the airline to further inform him of the departure time# ZH9980 Engine Fault # (Reporter: Wang Jinmiao Operation: Li Qing Production: Li Xialing)