2023-03-14 10:58:26

The woman said she was fired because she poured to

Recently, a woman sent a message online saying that she was dismissed by the company because she poured too much tea when receiving customers.

The woman said she was fired because she poured too much water for the customer. The leader said:

According to the notice of termination of labor contract issued by the company, the woman's position is a comprehensive secretary, and she has been employed for less than one month and is still on probation. Due to being proved not to meet the employment conditions and failing to perform the job responsibilities according to the training requirements of our company, the labor contract was terminated after study.

However, in the recording released by the woman, the person in charge of communicating with her admitted that the direct reason was that the tea was poured too slowly during the reception process, which caused the customer's dissatisfaction, and said: I heard that the teacher didn't even want to drink water at the end.

The person in charge explained to the woman: "On the night of the incident, several company bosses held a special meeting to discuss the matter and finally reached this conclusion." He also said that "from the current stage of business reception in China, tea is light and wine is full, and these customers we serve are the government (interrupted by the woman)..."

What do you think of this?