2023-03-10 20:38:56

The latest progress of "price war": Nort

According to the news on March 10, according to a number of main engine manufacturers and dealers, Chang'an Deep Blue, FAW-Volkswagen, FAW-Volkswagen and FAW-Toyota launched promotional activities on the same day, among which the purchase of Deep Blue SL03 can enjoy a comprehensive subsidy of up to 42000 yuan, while the whole system of SAIC-Volkswagen ID. has been reduced by 40000 yuan. Another FAW-Toyota 4S store in Shenzhen claimed that the purchase of bZ4X could give a car to Vich. "You can choose between 'give away Vich' and 'drop down 60000 yuan', and you can also enjoy it with a non-local account." In addition, the preferential strength of Cadillac also reached 130000 yuan. A sales staff of a Cadillac 4S store said, "CT6 has a preferential price of 130000 yuan, and there is still (preferential) space to go to the store." (AP)