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Why do we prefer to "save"? The real rea

Original title: Why do we prefer to "save money"? The real reason is not afraid to consume, but there is another mystery

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Since this year, there have been four new phenomena in China's household savings rate:

First, since 2022, the household savings rate has risen significantly. By the first half of 2022, the household savings rate has reached 36%, up 5 percentage points from the beginning of the year;

Second, under the trend of lower bank deposit interest rates, the total amount of household deposits increased sharply. In August 2022, household deposits increased by 10 trillion yuan from the beginning of the year, 2.3 times higher than the same period last year;

Third, deposits have been significantly fixed, with fixed deposits accounting for 68.9% of deposits, the highest level in history;

Fourth, the propensity to save is at a high level, and nearly 60% of residents tend to save more.

In view of the current surge in the number of savings deposits and the decline in the consumption demand of the people, some experts suggested that the deposit interest rate of the people should be further reduced to force people to use their savings for consumption, which can stimulate the economic recovery.

In fact, since the second half of last year, the central bank has begun to reduce the reserve requirement and interest rate frequently. At present, the deposit interest rate of domestic banks can exceed 3%, which is very high. Basically, there is no interest rate above 4%. Nevertheless, the number of domestic savings deposits is still increasing rapidly.

In fact, the increase in savings deposits and the sharp decline in consumer spending over the same period of last year are not due to people's reluctance to consume, but for other reasons:

First, this year, the epidemic has been repeated all over the country, and many people have been confined to their homes. They can only solve the basic survival problems through online shopping, which leads to a sharp decline in domestic consumption demand.

Second, because of the epidemic, many people are worried that they will be confined to their homes in the future, or that they will lose their income when they are unemployed, so they all realize the importance of savings deposits. Therefore, people began to reduce unnecessary expenses on weekdays and deposit the saved money in the bank.

Third, people's enthusiasm for buying houses is rapidly declining. Due to the influence of various factors, many people have lowered their expectations of income growth, shelved the original plan for buying houses, and deposited the original down payment for buying houses in the bank. Therefore, the number of bank deposits will increase significantly.

Fourth, in addition to saving money in the bank, the common people can't find a variety that can be safely invested. Stock market? Fund? If you want to invest in bank financial products, you should not only reduce the yield, but also bear the investment risk. Now there is a risk of losing money when investing in everything. It is better to deposit money in the bank to eat interest. Although the interest income of deposit is declining, it is much better than losing the principal.

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