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At midnight after the Lantern Festival, the smalle

Original title: The night after the Lantern Festival will usher in the smallest full moon of the year!

This year's annual minimum full moon will occur in the early morning of February 6, which is the second half of the Lantern Festival. Experts at the Beijing Planetarium said that the diameter difference between the maximum full moon and the minimum full moon was about 14%, and the brightness was also different; However, this difference is hard for ordinary people to perceive with the naked eye.

At midnight after the Lantern Festival, the smallest full moon of the year will be ushered in!

In the coming February, there are still several astronomical events to be expected. Among them, on February 4, Beihe Sanheyue, Wang Yumin, an expert at the Beijing Ancient Observatory, suggested that astronomers could look east after dark on the 3rd or 4th. On February 7, the fourteenth lunar month of Xuanyuan, the first lunar month of Jiaoxiu on February 11, and the second lunar month of Xinxiu will be staged on February 15. According to planetarium experts, Antares is close to the ecliptic and often passes near the moon, sometimes being eclipsed by the moon. In the early morning of the 15th, there was a close encounter. At about 2:00 on the same day, the nearest time, Antares was 1.5 degrees south of the moon; The moon rises in an hour and can be observed until dawn.

On February 15, Venus and Neptune will be in "close contact", which is the second close contact after last April. Experts say that Venus and Neptune are not uncommon in close contact. In the 1000 years from 2001 to 3000, the contact of less than 1 degree has reached more than 500 times, almost once every 2 years. In addition, the last month of February 17 is the largest month of the year.

February 21 ushers in the second day of the second lunar month. Wang Yumin said that on the eastern horizon that night, the Longjiao stars (Jiaoxiu 1 and Jiaoxiu 2) rose. Traditionally, this kind of celestial phenomenon was called "Dragon Rising".

On the evening of February 22, there will be a "star and moon myth" appearance in the southwest sky - Venus is about 2 degrees away from the moon, and Jupiter is 8 degrees away from them, making this picture more enjoyable. Experts said that among the celestial phenomena of the planets with the moon, Venus with the moon is the best to see, because Venus is very bright, and the phase of the moon is often the crescent moon or the waning moon. For example, the age of this Venus companion moon is only 2.4 days, which is a very thin crescent.

Source: Beijing Daily client (reporter: Niu Weikun)

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