2023-01-31 10:12:00

The Russian-Uzbekistan conflict broke out 341 days

On January 30, the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict broke out for 341 days, without judging who was right and who was wrong, but the war was a pain for both countries and people.

In the early stage of the conflict, Russia attacked the land, sea and air headquarters of the Ukrainian army in a flash. At a time when the whole world believed that Russia would quickly end the conflict in the form of a blitzkrieg, but with the intervention of the United States, NATO and other western forces, Ukraine could not clearly understand its own reality and was willing to be the cannon fodder. Russia was eventually dragged into the quagmire of war.

Under the intervention of the United States and Western forces, Russia issued warnings time and time again, but the United States and Ukraine ignored them. If Russia does launch a nuclear war, what impact will it have on us? This is the clearest article I have ever seen in Zhihu.

The current world situation is surging. The western forces, led by the United States, are stirring up the situation, vigorously suppressing and curbing the development of our country, and using Japan, India and other countries to continue to provoke problems, in an attempt to continue to serve as the world hegemon.

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The Russian-Uzbekistan conflict broke out 341 days