2023-01-31 10:10:01

Can Russia win the Russian-Uzbekistan war?

On January 18, 2023, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited the most important military industrial plant under the Russian "Diamond Antai" military industrial group, the Obkhov military industrial plant, which produced a large number of famous air defense systems such as "Doyle", "Beech", "S-400", and is one of the most important military industrial plants producing air defense systems in Russia.

During the inspection, Putin made an important speech: "In the Ukrainian battlefield, our victory is certain. I have no doubt about it.". The main guarantee of our victory: the unity of the people of all ethnic groups in Russia; The heroic fighting of our army; The strong defense industry ensured the victory of Russia.

Our annual output of air defense missiles is more than three times that of the United States. In general, the annual output of various air defense missiles in China's defense industry is equal to that of all military enterprises in other countries in the world. Our output can match that of the world. The strength of the military industry complex is the guarantee of Russia's victory.

It seems that Putin is full of confidence in Russia's victory in the Russian-Uzbekistan war, and he said that Russia's production of anti-aircraft missiles can match that of the whole world. What's the opinion of the experts who say again that our anti-aircraft system has never been destroyed? I don't know what you think?

In response to Putin's speech and to reverse the situation in Ukraine, on January 25, Germany and the United States decided to provide Leopard 2 and M1 main battle tanks for Ukraine!

Can Russia win the Russian-Uzbekistan war?

Putin inspected the Obkhov Military Industry Factory and delivered a speech. Can Russia win the Russian-Uzbekistan war?