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Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

The dispute over Yue Fei has never stopped for many years, especially in the past few years when Yue Fei was removed from the history textbook of national heroes, which has aroused people's disgust at some people who took the historical nihilism and used the modern perspective to pull the rigid cover of history. To this day, Yue Fei has still become a national hero in the history textbook, but there are more voices below.

Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

Hangzhou: Yuewang Temple

In fact, there have been people who want to wash Qin Hui white since ancient times. The most famous one is Wang Ruxun, a famous figure who was the governor of the right deputy capital and the governor of Zhejiang Province in the Ming Dynasty. When he arrived in Hangzhou, he found that Qin Hui and his wife knelt as if they were reviled by thousands of people. Wang Ruxun felt ashamed because he was of the same family as Qin Hui's wife, Wang Shi. He used his position to arrange people to secretly sink the kneeling figures of Qin Hui and his wife, Wan Shougao and Zhang Jun into the West Lake at night.

This incident caused a hornet's nest. The next day, the people in Hangzhou found that Qin Hui's kneeling figure was missing, so it spread from one to another. They gathered in front of the governor's office hundreds of thousands of people, strongly demanding that the murderer be punished, and even gathered a parade of tens of thousands of people to put pressure on the government. Wang Ruxun was forced to escape from Hangzhou because of the bad situation. Later, Ma Wei, a salt merchant, recast two kneeling figures of Wang and Zhang Jun and put them back in place, which calmed the anger of the people in Hangzhou.

In fact, through this matter, we can see the right and wrong, and justice is at the heart of the people. People's respect and worship for Yue Fei did not stop even in the Qing Dynasty, which claimed to be a descendant of the Jin people, because he was a hero of the Chinese nation who was loyal to the country, loyal to the nation, and fought against foreign aggression for the country and the nation.

Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

Qin Hui and others were miserable. Their kneeling figures have changed from stone to pig iron for dozens of times from ancient times to the present. Every time they were smashed and smashed by the common people, and even their heads were smashed. We also know that the traitors are unpopular from ancient times to the present.

But today, there are gradually some discordant voices. Which ones? One view is that there is no evidence to prove that Qin Hui killed Yue Fei. Yue Fei's death was ordered by the emperor, so it is no wonder that Qin Hui ordered Qin Hui to take the blame for Gao Zong.

Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

Data: 2016-11-29, Hangzhou Yuewang Temple

There is still some truth in this statement, but don't forget that Qin Hui is directly responsible for killing the national hero no matter how he washes the white. Can this wash the white?

It is funny that there is a so-called alternative artist, Jin Feng, who shouted "liberation of human rights", regardless of moral integrity, regardless of the real history, who is loyal to the cruel and good, collaborates with the enemy and betrays the country, and has created a pair of standing figures for the traitor Qin Hui and his wife, who have created the "unwarranted" injustice for thousands of years in Chinese history: they are displayed in an exhibition hall in Shanghai, and they are also named; Kneeling for 492 years, we want to stand up and rest. After the media report, it immediately aroused strong denunciation, opposition and condemnation from the whole country. Some patriots even went to Shanghai to smash the statue of Qin Hui and his wife and push the statue of Qin Hui and his wife into the Huangpu River. The so-called "human rights liberation" clown-like "artist" secretly carried the Qin Hui and his wife back home the next day amid the condemnation, reprimand and abuse of the whole country, ending with farce and sensationalism.

Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

How similar is this to the incident of Wang Ruxun?

Later, there were also those for Qin Hui to build a museum, and those for Hong Chengchou to build a research institute. Worship was still gratifying. A large number of monsters and ghosts sprang out in succession, with a very direct purpose: to overturn the case of their ancestors and make them respected by thousands of people.

In this regard, our evaluation is that the clown is nothing more than trying to gain fame through a traitor ancestor, some of whom are not even necessarily traitors.

Do you know who is washing Qin Hui's hair online? What is their purpose?

No matter how many such people are, no matter what kind of funny way they jump out and run around, in fact, the only thing waiting for them is the contempt and disdain of the whole country. The common people know who is the hero and who is the traitor.

The Chinese will let Qin Hui kneel down when he gets up