2023-01-31 05:10:01

The World Health Organization has issued a radiati

Hello, ladies and gentlemen, there is a hot search on the news recently. WHO has urgently issued a list of drugs to prevent nuclear radiation, which is of great concern to all mankind. This has caused great repercussions among the people. Is it really coming? After all, the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict has lasted for nearly a year. Moreover, WHO did not make a sudden decision, claiming that the list had been issued after careful consideration and had been prepared for two years. It turns out that this is a list of nuclear radiation protection for two and a half years of practice, only because of the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict.

The World Health Organization has issued a radiation protection list. Will a nuclear war break out in 2023?

The melon eaters roast: COVID-19 can prevent it, but it has risen to the level of nuclear radiation. How to prevent it? Prussian Blue, the best drug to prevent nuclear radiation, is 2.1 million. Why don't typical people eat meat porridge? I thought the nucleic acid was over, but found that the acid had gone and left the nucleus. An old watch said that if a nuclear war broke out, please inform me in advance. I don't want to go to work. Buy a king crab to taste it. I have always been too expensive to buy.

At present, mankind's nuclear weapons reserves can destroy the earth into the Stone Age. I don't know how to fight the Third World War. Anyway, the Fourth World War uses stones and sticks. At the beginning of 2023, Medvedev, the Vice President of the Security Conference of the Russian Federation, warned NATO:

The nuclear power has never lost any major conflict that determines its fate. When the nuclear power loses in a conventional war, it may trigger a nuclear war.

The State Department of the United States heard and responded strongly that there was no winner in the nuclear war. Recently, the western forces have supported a new batch of tanks to Ukraine. This is undoubtedly fuelling the Russian-Uzbekistan war and seriously provoking Russia's bottom line.

An old watch said that the Russian-Uzbekistan conflict had a nuclear war. What is it about us? Now I want to popularize science, the dead-hand system that scares NATO. This system existed in the former Soviet Union. Once the United States launched a surprise attack to destroy the Kremlin or the Soviet Ministry of Defense, the system would automatically carry out a nuclear counterattack after sensing it.

Russian President Vladimir Putin also strongly said to the North Treaty that if Russia did not exist, there would be no need for the world to exist. Even Russia has a dead-hand system, and its competitor, the United States, won't there be such a thing? It may have targeted all competing countries for a long time.

What do you think of the WHO updating the list of nuclear radiation prevention drugs? Do you think nuclear war will break out in 2023? Welcome to leave a message in the comment area for discussion. Finally, please remember to pay attention to my plastic Mandarin anchor.