2023-01-30 13:52:01

Residents have been distressed by garbage "blocking the door" for more than ten years

Residents have been distressed by garbage

Garbage piled near 33 buildings in Loujiang New Village. Photographed by reporter Liu Zheng

Recently, Mr. Li, a resident of Loujiang New Village, Moye Road, Gusu District, reported to the "96466 News Hotline" that a piece of green land in the community was neglected in management, and people often littered and urinated here, which over time became a garbage heap. The garbage dump is at the door of the residents' houses. The environment is dirty and smelly, affecting their lives. In response, the relevant person in charge of Loujiang Community, Pingjiang Street, Gusu District, said that it would arrange cleaning personnel to clean up the garbage as soon as possible and strengthen the management of the area.

"The garbage dump has been at the door for more than ten years, which is really disturbing." During the Spring Festival, someone sent such a message in the owner group of Loujiang New Village, which caused a heated discussion among the residents of the community. "People often urinate here. It's disgusting." "The greening here used to be very good, but now it has become a 'barren land'."... Mr. Li's residence is not far from the garbage dump. He told the reporter that sometimes there are too many garbage dumps, and it will be better after the garbage picker picks it up.

Yesterday, when the reporter arrived at the scene, he saw that there was a small house between 33 and 34 buildings in Loujiang New Village, on which was written "Suzhou Gas Group". The house is built on an internal road of the community, and behind it is a weedy garbage dump. You can smell obvious peculiar smell when you walk past it. The courtyard doors and unit doors of 33 buildings are in front of the garbage dump, and some residents have to step on the garbage to go out.

Mr. Li said that because there are apartment buildings on the north and south sides and a wall on the east side, it is a dead end. Combined with the shelter of the "gas room", it is difficult to find someone throwing garbage here at night. What's more, people choose to urinate anywhere in this remote place with shelter, which is very uncivilized and brings great trouble to the surrounding residents. "We hope that the relevant departments can clean up the garbage as soon as possible and create a clean and sanitary environment for the residents."

After the reporter reported the relevant situation to Loujiang Community, the relevant person in charge of the community immediately arranged cleaning personnel to clean up the garbage on the site, and said that the staff would be arranged for inspection and inspection to ensure that there was no sanitary corner left. She said that it was an act of "hiding one's ears and stealing the bell" to feel that others would litter and urinate everywhere without seeing. Next, the community will strengthen environmental health publicity and management to avoid such problems. (Reporter Liu Zheng)