2023-01-30 13:22:01

The cancellation of marriage restrictions on birth registration in Sichuan will take effect next month

Cailian News Agency, January 30, reported that the Sichuan Health and Health Commission recently issued the Measures for the Administration of Maternity Registration Services in Sichuan Province, which came into force on February 15 and is valid for five years. There are 16 articles in the Measures, and the main amendments are as follows: First, the restriction on whether to marry has been lifted. The Measures have removed the restrictions on whether the registered object is married, shifted the focus of birth registration to the fertility will and results, and returned to the population monitoring and fertility service standard. Second, restrictions on the number of births have been lifted. The Measures stipulates that all citizens who give birth to children should go through birth registration. The third is to simplify the requirements for birth registration. According to the Measures, when applying for birth registration online, if the ID card or valid electronic certificate can be retrieved through the relevant information system, the identity certificate materials will not be uploaded. Fourth, requirements for information sharing have been added. The Measures added the contents of "one thing for marriage and childbirth", sharing of birth registration information, and sharing of electronic certificates and licenses.

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