2023-01-30 10:04:01

The boy made up his homework with Morse code before school! Netizen: "It's not as fast as him to send a telegram"

School will start tomorrow, but only after dinner can I remember that my homework has not been written yet. There must be many friends who have had such a frightening experience. Only when there is pressure can there be motivation, and the little boy below has learned the skill of "writing like a telegram" without a teacher.

On August 29, in Nanping, Fujian Province, a mother exposed the funny scene of her son struggling to repair his homework before school began.

The boy didn't finish his homework. He rushed to finish his homework crazily before school began. He wrote furiously. It took only 4 or 5 seconds to complete a line of words. The sound of his writing was like a telegraph.

The boy's mother asked him what he wrote, and the child replied, "This homework needs to be deciphered with Moss code."

Seeing such a scene, many netizens are also happy: the telegraph is not as fast as he! Teacher: Come and read your homework. "In the previous war, the enemy could not solve it.".

Look while it's hot, but I don't know it when it's cold. "Have you written with three pens?" A pen, a lamp, a night, a myth. ".