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Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by se

Recently, Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd. held an annual meeting and paid a cash bonus of 61 million yuan on the spot.

Today, Mr. Feng, who is in charge of publicity of the company, said that the day before yesterday, that is, the sixth day of the first month of the new year, after the company went to work on the first day of the new year, many people called the company to submit their resumes, and received more than 200 phone calls and online inquiries within two days, of which more than 20 people filled in the registration form on the spot.

Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by sending 73 million yuan of cash, with three employees receiving 5 million yuan each

Henan mines have nothing to do with minerals.

Mr. Feng said that the company was founded in 2002. At present, the company has more than 5000 people and is mainly engaged in crane manufacturing enterprises integrating crane R&D, design, manufacturing, sales, installation and service.

The other party said that the company held the annual meeting on the 26th of the year. The main participants in the annual meeting on the same day were sales system colleagues, and more than 40 colleagues received 61 million yuan of bonus on the spot.

Among them, three employees of the company received the highest 5 million bonus at the site.

"They are all salesmen and have worked in the company for a long time. The longest working time is about seven years, and they are in their 40s. The performance is very good in a year."

Many netizens are curious about how many cranes can be sold to get a bonus of 5 million yuan?

Mr. Feng said that because cranes are special equipment, we are mainly engaged in more than 110 kinds of cranes and accessories products in three series, including "Kuanyuan" bridge cranes, gantry cranes and electric hoists. Each crane has different models and specifications, such as a small tonnage crane. But if it is very intelligent and has high specifications, the price is also much higher than ordinary cranes.

Just like selling cars, the performance of selling a Rolls-Royce is much higher than that of selling an ordinary car, so there is no way to specify how many cars can be sold so high.

"However, the sales volume of these three employees last year was more than several hundred million, and one of them sold more than three hundred million. Their performance is based on their ability to lay a good foundation in previous years."

Mr. Feng said that all the bonuses received on the spot on the same day were more than 1 million yuan, and those less than 1 million yuan were directly withdrawn from the financial department and credited into the bank account.

In addition to the annual meeting on the same day, the company also held a competition the next day, and also issued a cash award of 12 million yuan.

"In fact, it is also to give extra benefits, that is, the more excellent employees come to participate, count the money in 15 minutes, and give as much as they count. A colleague in the production workshop counted 157000 yuan in this time period, which is equivalent to giving him 157000 yuan of benefits."

In addition, the company also issued red envelopes for the Spring Festival to all employees, with an average amount of about 3000 yuan.

It is understood that cars and gold medals have become prizes in the company's previous year-end awards. In 2020, Henan Mining once distributed 27 million yuan of year-end bonus to the sales department, and took out 10 million yuan of cash to compete in counting money.

Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by sending 73 million yuan of cash, with three employees receiving 5 million yuan each

Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by sending 73 million yuan of cash, with three employees receiving 5 million yuan each

Mr. Feng said that the company has always respected the culture of filial piety. Our boss has a concept that if even your parents are not filial and even your brothers and sisters are not harmonious, then the employee is also false to the company and friends.

"We pay bonuses in this way. On the one hand, we encourage employees to make greater efforts. On the other hand, our boss said that we should respect our parents and unite our brothers and sisters."

The official website of the company shows that since the establishment of Henan Mine, the high-level team with Cui Peijun, the founder and secretary of the Party Committee, as the core, has fully played the role of "navigator" and led the rapid development of Henan Mine. Relying on the leadership team and the wisdom of the whole staff, we have established a unique culture system of filial piety in Henan mines.

Among them, the core values of the company's "three hearts" are: to harmonious the family with filial piety, to unite comrades with sincerity, and to serve customers with enthusiasm.

It has held nine consecutive Mid-Autumn Festival of Filial Piety Culture, feasting more than 6000 parents of employees every year; Ten consecutive filial piety cultural tourism festivals have been held, and more than 1000 parents of employees have been organized to visit all parts of the country; Seventeen sessions of donation activities for poor college students have been carried out, with a total of more than 3500 people. Donate more than 100 million yuan to charity and public welfare undertakings such as poverty alleviation, education and old-age care, safety construction, and new rural construction.

Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by sending 73 million yuan of cash, with three employees receiving 5 million yuan each

Henan Mining responded to the annual meeting by sending 73 million yuan of cash, with three employees receiving 5 million yuan each

Henan Mining Crane Co., Ltd. is located in Changyuan, Henan Province, which is the hometown of crane equipment in China. Mr. Feng said that the company mainly produces and manufactures cranes of less than 200 tons, accounting for 65% of the national market share.

"Our company is a private enterprise and has a large market share of small and medium-sized tonnage cranes in the country. In the past three years, we have no financing, no arrears, no arrears, and still maintain 20% growth, which is very difficult."

It is understood that in 2022, the production and sales of various cranes in Henan mines will be more than 100000 sets, with sales revenue of 9.16 billion yuan and taxes of 285 million yuan.

The company's products sell well in all parts of the country and countries and regions along the the Belt and Road. There are 428 sales and service agencies all over the country, serving more than 7000 middle and high-end customers. The company has made remarkable achievements in more than 50 industries, including aerospace, automobile and shipbuilding, steel smelting, petrochemical, railway and military industry, and other key industries at home and abroad.

The day before yesterday, the company's WeChat official account was released. On the sixth day of the first month, the entire sales hall welcomed the opening of the new year. The sales orders presented three characteristics. The first was the large proportion of large orders, with a single large order of 250 million yuan, and the large orders accounted for 50% of the signed orders. The second was the large growth of emerging functional cranes, and the other was the obvious growth of export orders, including the signed 2 million tons of steel making project in Uzbekistan, Made in China has contributed to the construction of the "the Belt and Road".