2023-01-26 11:48:00

Fierce fighting for several months, the Ukrainian army admitted to withdraw from Soledar

[The Ukrainian army admitted to withdraw from Soledar after months of fierce fighting] On January 25, local time, the spokesman of the Eastern Group of the Ukrainian Armed Forces admitted in an interview with AFP that after several months of fierce fighting, the Ukrainian Armed Forces left Soledar and withdrew to the pre-arranged positions, but the spokesman refused to disclose the exact time of withdrawal. According to the Ukrainian State Television Broadcasting Corporation reported on the 25th, the spokesman stressed that the Ukrainian army had completed its main task and had not allowed the Russian army to break through in depth in the direction of Donetsk and consumed the Russian army as much as possible. On January 13, the Russian Ministry of Defense announced its control of Soledar. Subsequently, Ukrainian officials repeatedly said that the local fighting was still ongoing.