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Your hands are covered with blood! On the first da

Your hands are covered with blood! On the first day of the year, he jumped into the glacier without hesitation!

This is a pair of hands cut by ice!

In the cold wind

He jumped into the river without hesitation

He broke the ice with his palm

Finally rescued the trapped people

The masses were saved

However, his hands

More than ten cuts were made by sharp ice

In addition to the heartache

And the biting cold

The owner of these hands is

The assistant police officer of Zhenglu Police Station of Shanghe County Public Security Bureau, Jinan City, Shandong Province, is happy Tao

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It happened at 16:20 on January 22, 2023

Zhenglu Police Station of Shanghe County Public Security Bureau received the 110 alarm

[P] along Zhenglu Town, Tuhai River. Someone fell into the river in urgent need of rescue

After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene immediately

To ensure safe rescue,

[P] during the rescue. The police contacted the assistant police officer Xingtao

[P] who was on the night shift but was familiar with water. After arriving at the scene, the police found

The man fell into the water about ten meters from the bank of the river

At this time, there are many people on the shore

[P] before alarm. A big brother and the crowd tried to rescue the man

However, due to various reasons such as physical exhaustion, lack of water and inability to determine the ice thickness

All failed, so they called the police for help

The police threw the life buoy and other rescue articles on the car at the man

Try to rescue with life buoy and rope

However, because the young people fall far into the water, the degree of ice formation cannot be mastered

Make rescue more difficult

The police shouted to the drowning youth to stabilize their emotions

The people on one side and the shore tried to throw the life buoy at the youth

Through unremitting efforts, we successfully put the life buoy on the drowning youth

To prevent drowning after falling into the water

Young people have been holding the ice with their hands, and their clothes have increased weight after soaking in water

Young people are completely exhausted

The police and the enthusiastic masses have been dragging young people

Due to the obstruction of ice, the rescue effect is not optimistic

Considering that the sky is getting late

The outdoor temperature is also gradually decreasing

The police decided to immediately go down the river to save people

At this time, Gao Xingtao also drove from home to the shore

"You can't swim!

I grew up by the river. I'm good at water and have saved people

I'll come!"

Gao Xingtao said, then took off his coat and put on his life jacket

Without hesitation, he jumped into the glacier

Because the river has basically frozen

Only the floating ice on the shore is loose

Gao Xingtao had to hit the ice with his elbow and palm in the water


Gao Xingtao dragged the youth out of the ice cave

Push to the shore

The masses also applauded the success of the ice-breaking rescue

Give me applause and cheers

Young people were saved successfully

120 also sent to the hospital for examination in time

But now

Gao Xingtao's hands are due to ice breaking

There have been small cracks

At the urging of everyone, Happy Tao came to the hospital for bandage

Your hands are covered with blood! On the first day of the year, he jumped into the glacier without hesitation!. In this weather, it's a hero to save people in the water!

He interpreted kindness and courage with his actions

Gao Xingtao, good fellow!