2023-01-25 16:44:00

Women climbing Mount Huangshan are trapped and queuing for 6 hours to take the cable car

Women climbing Huangshan are stuck in line for 6 hours to take the cable car # This year, tourist attractions across the country have ushered in a wave of revenge tourism! Not only Hainan, Yunnan and Heilongjiang are crowded, but other scenic spots are also crowded, such as Mount Tai and Mount Huangshan. Looking at the surging crowds in scenic spots around the country, I really feel that the epidemic has been completely stable, people's lives have been completely restored to normal, and social operation and economic development are getting better and better. It's really gratifying. Such a rush to travel has caught up with the cold weather and snowstorm, which has increased the difficulty of various travel experiences. Although various scenic spots have taken some targeted measures, there are still some deficiencies compared with the flow of people. In particular, many famous scenic spots have low temperature weather and it is difficult to go downhill, which should be paid enough attention. We must keep the bottom line of safe travel. We must not have problems with personal safety, or good things will turn bad! What do you say? Dear Laotie, what's your opinion on this matter? Pay attention to me and I won't lose. Welcome to leave comments and discuss. Your interaction is my biggest source of motivation!