2023-01-25 16:24:01

Girls' 22-page travel strategy, too hot to go out of the hotel and eat takeout for three days

Original title: Fujian girls do 22 pages of Changsha tourism strategy: they didn't leave the hotel because it was too hot, and also ate takeaway for 3 days

On July 14, according to Star Video, girls in Fuzhou, Fujian Province made 22 pages of travel strategies and printed them on paper and bound them into volumes.

The girl said that she was going to play in Changsha for 7 days, but decided to rest in the hotel and eat takeout for 3 days after 850 kilometers.

She said that there were many tourists in the near future. In addition, the weather was hot, and she didn't go out. There were many netizens seeking online travel strategies.

From July 14 to 16, Hunan was still dominated by hot and sunny weather, with the highest temperature of about 39 ℃. It was not only hot in the daytime, but also hot at night.

The Hunan Provincial Meteorological Station issued a high-temperature orange warning at 16:00 on July 13. It is estimated that Changsha, Zhuzhou, eastern Xiangtan, Hengyang, Yueyang, Changde, Zhangjiajie, Yiyang, northern Chenzhou, northern Huaihua, western Loudi and western Xiangxi will reach a high temperature of more than 37 ℃, and local areas will reach a high temperature of more than 39 ℃. Please take precautions.