2023-01-24 18:42:01

Trump and sex crime millionaire Epstein took a group photo with Fox" Cut" Kill him

(Original title: "Cut" Trump from Epstein's photo, Fox apologizes: "Error")

[Global Times comprehensive report] According to the report of the New York Daily News on the 7th, Fox News admitted on the 6th that it "cut" the US President Trump from the photos of the sexual assault millionaire Epstein and his partner Maxwell by mistake.

On the 5th, Fox News broadcast the news of the arrest of the key figure in the Epstein case - his ex-girlfriend Maxwell. However, this piece of news adopted a group photo of an obviously flawed person, which was eye-catching. Someone on social media soon sent out a comparison picture: originally, there were four people in the original picture, including Trump, Melania, Epstein and Maxwell from left to right, while Fox removed Trump. For this clumsy "P-map storm", Fox issued an apology statement on the 6th, calling it a "mistake".

Trump's recent "photo storm" has continued. According to the website of Salon magazine, after Trump's son Eric was arrested in Maxwell, he deliberately exposed the photos of her attending the wedding of former President Clinton's daughter, and satirized "birds of a feather"; Unexpectedly, he was soon rewarded with a large number of Trump group photos by good netizens, who asked him, "Don't you know that your father has a deeper friendship with them (Epstein and Maxwell, etc.)?"

Trump and sex crime millionaire Epstein took a group photo with Fox" Cut" Kill him

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