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Weekly | Canada Gooses new down jacket was roast a

Dachang Public Relations launched the "Public Opinion Weekly" column, which includes the hot discussion events of the whole network, and observes the new trend of marketing.

Last week (December 19 - December 25), what were the hot issues in the industry? Let's see~

Public opinion monitoring After the scandal of child pornography, Adidas announced that it would suspend cooperation with Balischia At the beginning of November, the co-branded series of Balenciaga (Balenciaga) and adidas (Adidas) was officially launched. Among them, there are 90 items on the official website of Balischia, covering the whole line of clothing and accessories, while the adidas CONFIRMED App focuses on clothing and shoes, covering a total of 39 items.

However, some time ago, Balenciaga was deeply involved in the public opinion storm that the publicity photos were suspected of being suspected of child pornography. The small and medium-sized girls in the picture held a doll bag with binding elements, and the documents on the table were also suspected to be related to child sexual abuse.

After the ferment, Balischia issued an apology statement on its social account, saying that it would delete the series of promotional photos on all platforms. In recent days, it was reported that the cooperation between the two sides was about to be suspended: Adidas decided to tentatively establish the cooperation relationship with Balischia after the re-evaluation, and to tentatively release all products at the same time.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

The advertisement of door-to-door massage caused controversy. Shanxi Municipal Bureau of Supervision: it affected the appearance of the city and required to be removed from the shelf

Recently, netizens reported that an indecent advertisement appeared on the large screen of the first floor of a high-rise building in downtown Taiyuan. The advertisement screen contained large pictures of women, "24-hour door-to-door massage", "on call" and other inductive words.

On December 13, the merchant said that it would remove the words such as "24 hours" from the advertising screen and continue to publish the advertisement.

Subsequently, the Shanxi Provincial Market Supervision Bureau responded to the advertisement of "24-hour door-to-door massage": the massage industry belongs to the service industry, and the Advertising Law does not restrict the commercial advertising in this industry. However, building walls, LED screens, etc. are not only the advertising release carrier, but also an important part of the city image. Considering the public's subjective understanding of the massage industry, this advertisement has a certain distance from reflecting the city style and social civilization. Therefore, after finding the clues, the Taiyuan Market Supervision Bureau has been sent to conduct an on-site investigation and ask it to get off the shelf. The municipal supervision department said that the market entities involved in the event would be strictly investigated if there were any violations.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Wangwang high-calcium pure milk was fined 15300 yuan

[P] for false publicity. Recently, Shanghai Wangwang Network Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 15300 yuan by Shanghai Jing'an District Market Supervision and Administration Bureau for publishing false advertisements.

According to the administrative penalty decision, the party concerned published the commercial advertisement of "Wangwang High Calcium Pure Milk 190ml * 12 boxes of Wholesale Nutritional Breakfast Milk Normal Temperature Milk High Quality Milk Protein" in the online store. The commodity page had the words "High calcium, rich in high quality protein, each box of whey protein content up to 6.84g, each box of calcium content up to 228mg", and the commodity nutrition composition table had the words "Item: protein, 3.6g per 100ml, nutrient reference value%: 6%". According to the calculation of relevant standards, the actual protein NRV per 100ml of the above commodities is 5.95%, which is lower than the provisions of the national standard "protein content per 100mL ≥ 10% NRV can be considered high, or rich in protein".

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Pan Yueming was fined 510000

[P] for violating the Advertising Law by endorsing health care products. According to the Skyeye App, recently, Pan Yueming and Shanghai Donghao Trading Co., Ltd. were fined about 258000 yuan and 1.12 million yuan by the Shanghai Municipal Market Supervision and Administration respectively for publishing health food advertisements in violation of the provisions of the Advertising Law. At the same time, Pan Yueming was also confiscated about 258000 yuan of illegal income.

In March last year, Pan Yueming took videos and pictures for a drink for commercial promotion, but the drink belongs to health food, and the Advertising Law clearly stipulates that "health food advertising shall not be recommended and certified by the advertising spokesperson".

In the context of chaos in the field of advertising endorsements, seven departments including the State Administration of Market Supervision jointly issued the Guiding Opinions on Further Standardizing Star Advertising Endorsement Activities, which once again clarified that medical treatment, drugs, medical devices, health food and formula food for special medical purposes are forbidden areas for star endorsements, and stars are not allowed to advertise for them.

Ulike hair remover was fined

[P] again for advertising. According to Skyeye App, Zhejiang Youlai E-Commerce Co., Ltd. was fined 375000 yuan by Yiwu Market Supervision and Administration for false content in its advertisement recently. According to the cause of punishment, the party concerned used the expression "Helped 3 million+users successfully depilate", "No sapphire burning, stinging, heat damage, non-freezing point depilatory light reaches the skin temperature of 70 ° C~100 ° C" in the advertisement page of "Ulike depilatory" online store, and the party concerned could not provide the relevant basis for the above content. Previously, Ulike was questioned about publishing vulgar advertisements because of the content of "no sapphire, I won't take it off" in the advertisement. Later, Ulike's affiliated company Hangzhou Youlai Technology Co., Ltd. was fined 300000 yuan.

Brand dynamics

The new down design of Canada goose is controversial. Netizens: Northeast flavor is too strong Recently, Canada Goose launched a new type of down jacket, which attracted a large number of netizens to watch and roast about its unique earth tide design.

There are two designs of "Mystique Women's Parka", one of which is named "Anjelica", with bright yellow as the background color and peony shaped flowers printed on it. The matching headband is also of the same design.

In the official display picture, the model is wearing a yellow flower jacket and a yellow flower scarf, which is really too northeast characteristic. Netizens responded to this, "The forefront of fashion is indeed the Northeast", "Canada goose turns into my goose"

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Argentina won the championship, Yili launched the limited blue and white packaging for the first time

On December 19, 2022, the Qatar World Cup ended with Argentina. Erie Milk, as a sponsor brand of Argentina, followed the hot spot of Argentina's championship and launched the "Love Coronation Limited" milk on the same day.

Yili skillfully grasped the key words and carried out product packaging design with "blue and white" as the core. Carry out advertising with "love" as the core. Connect the concept of Yili brand "quality comes from love" with the love of Argentina's football team, and launch the slogan "crowned by love".

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Nongfu Mountain Spring has launched the Chinese zodiac bottle of the Year of the Rabbit, which is only for sale

Recently, Nongfu Mountain Spring released the news that the limited amount of natural mineral water in glass bottles of the Year of the Rabbit in 2023 will be 100000 sets.

As in previous years, there are still two kinds of aerated and non-aerated water. The green aerated mineral water is a father rabbit standing upright, with a slightly raised mouth and bright eyes, looking forward to the distance; The airless version is the mother rabbit, who is happy to watch the cute rabbit babies running and playing around. Two carefully designed limited collections of Guimao Rabbit in the Year of Rabbit symbolize a happy reunion in the new year.

It is reported that from 2016 to now, before the Spring Festival every year, Nongfu Mountain Spring will launch a limited edition of the Chinese zodiac collection version of glass bottle water. In this special way, the Chinese zodiac collection version of glass bottle water will accompany consumers through every year worthy of collection. The Chinese zodiac collection version of glass bottle water has become a tacit agreement and two-way travel with consumers.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Every day, Weiquan C launched a hundred surname bottles

Recently, Weiquan Daily C announced the launch of a hundred surname bottles on its official microblog platform.

This time, the surname bottle is full of creativity. Each bottle has a big surname, which gives the product a sense of customized experience and catches the attention of consumers at the first sight. What's more, Weiquan Daily C also embeds each surname into the auspicious words of Chinese culture in the form of "near sound words".

As a typical representative element of Chinese root culture, surname culture has gradually become a popular culture in recent years with the prevalence of China-Chic.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Wang Laoji uses limited packaging such as Xinjiyan can to play bottle marketing

With the countdown of 2022, as an old player of bottle marketing, Wang Laoji also launched the New Year's auspicious jars and auspicious free jars in advance, and the surname jars will also return.

Each box of Jiyan cans launched this time contains 12 cans of products, and 2 cans of Jiyan cans each, covering six major events of public concern, including school, family, financial, career, health, and love, bringing users happy New Year's greetings; Inspired by the rabbit in the Chinese zodiac, the auspicious free jar is printed with the design of China-Chic cute rabbit on the jar body, which is both festive and lovely, bringing the ritual feeling of the Spring Festival in the Year of the Rabbit to the full.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as

Over the years, Wang Laoji has written many articles on the bottle. For example, in the college entrance examination season in June this year, Wang Laoji specially customized the "Bang Ji Can for Senior Three", "College Entrance Examination Subject Can" and "Ten Thousand Tests Big Luck Can" for candidates; Last Spring Festival, Wang Laoji also launched a version of a hundred surnames, playing the marketing of "changing surnames" incisively and vividly.

A good package can even become a "walking billboard", which is invisible to people around. Presenting creativity on the bottle has also become a sharp tool for liquor and beverage brands to attract young people.

Pepsi-Cola Sugar Free X King Glory launched the five heroes co-named IP

On December 20, the 2022 Pepsi-Cola Sugar Free X King Glory Cooperation Conference was held online and launched the five heroes co-branded IP limited cooperation series. It is understood that Pepsi-Cola Sugar-Free has linked the five popular heroes Yao, Zhuge Liang, Yao, Gongsun Li and Zhao Yun in the glory of the king this time. Taking the classic image of the role as the design inspiration and integrating the brand trend elements, it launched a limited cooperation series. This cooperation includes 330ml canned and 500ml, 900ml and 1L bottled products with multiple specifications and flavors. At the same time, Pepsi-Cola Sugar-Free launched the IP-cooperation linkage brand unveiling and award-winning promotion for the first time, and launched the unveiling and interactive benefits of the winner's glorious skin in a limited time.

The advertising film of Meituan takeout "Eat better in winter" turns the content

Meituan takeout specially launched the advertising theme of this winter - eat well in winter, and released relevant advertisements, starting from three stories of daily life, to tell consumers humorously "why eat well in winter", and Meituan takeout will share with you all the delicious food in winter.

The turning points of the three stories are very interesting, especially the first one, which is totally unexpected. When the down jacket company held a meeting, the boss's thinking span changed from poor performance to global warming to less or even disappeared in winter, and finally ended: we should cherish winter and enjoy the rare food in winter, so the meeting turned into a delicious takeout meal gathering in Meituan when it was open, which made people laugh.

Quark x wakes up the workplace advertising song, directly hits the hearts of workers

Recently, Allen, who works with the men's re-employment team, woke up and sent a special message to all the workers. A theme song of Quark's work partner, "Happy Together after Work".

This time, the Internet mouthpiece of Awakening as a migrant worker wrote this song reflecting the voice of the migrant worker at the end of the year, For example: "Another busy day, the boss repeatedly stressed that he could not fish and walk at the end of the year, and the report was flying like a bullet screen. No one paid attention to the actual work, and he should not vent his emotions, but also pay attention to his speech."

In this activity, Quark and Su Xingxi hoped to relieve the pressure of migrant workers through wonderful singing and relaxed melody. I hope you can finish your work efficiently and leave work happily early through Quark.

Weekly | Canada Goose's new down jacket was roast as