2023-01-24 17:52:00

A group of repeated radio signals has been sent from 500 million light-years away. The source has been determined! Suspected of alien civilization?

In the big environment of the universe, there are many kinds of celestial bodies and the environment is complex. Astronauts should wear spacesuits when exploring in space. This is because spacesuits can protect the safety of astronauts. There are many radiation and rays in the universe, which are harmful to humans.

In addition to launching many detectors when exploring the universe, humans will also use space telescopes to explore the space, such as the Hubble Telescope, which receives commands from the ground control center and transmits various observation data back to the earth through radio. In addition to the Hubble telescope, human technology has developed, and also invented radio telescopes that can receive radio signals.

Radio telescope refers to the basic equipment for observing and studying radio waves from celestial bodies. It can measure the intensity, spectrum and polarization of radio waves from celestial bodies. It can also collect directional antennas for radio waves, amplify radio signals with high sensitivity, and record, process and display information systems. It can receive signals, which is of great significance for human beings to better explore space.

However, a radio telescope in Canada received a strange set of radio signals. This set of radio signals is different from other radio signals. It is a set of repeated radio signals. The scientists studied this group of radio signals and found that it came from a distant galaxy and was emitted from a spiral galaxy 500 million light-years away.

This repetitive signal is called a fast radio burst. A fast radio burst is a short and violent burst of radio waves that suddenly appears in the distant universe. The duration is very short, usually only a few milliseconds, but it can release energy equivalent to that released by the sun in a whole day. Some scientists believe that the repeated radio signal is sent by aliens, but some scientists suspect that it is from neutron stars, black holes, pulsars, etc. However, scientists are still exploring the specific source of this signal, and have no accurate answer.

This is the case with science. Sometimes the answer is inconclusive. That is why the universe is infinite. However, in the process of exploration, it is still very interesting. I believe there will be more interesting things waiting for us to explore in the future.