2023-01-24 17:06:01

The most beautiful ladder! Eight tourists were trapped on the rocks, and the captain of Qingdao Hero "used himself as a ladder" for emergency rescue

Sun Xiuqing, a poster journalist from Volkswagen, reported on Qingdao

On January 23, the second day of the Lunar New Year, many tourists went to Qingdao Zhanqiao. At about 15pm, the sea rose rapidly, and eight tourists were trapped on the rocks near the sea. Wang Yang, president of the Qingdao Volunteer Association for Culture and Tourism, went to the sea to save people. He used himself as a ladder to let tourists step on his own and go ashore. In about 10 minutes, he saved 8 tourists in a row.

According to Wang Yang, president of Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Volunteer Association, from the first day of the New Year to the fifth day of the New Year, the volunteers of the Association carry out civilized tourism publicity near the trestle for about two hours in the afternoon according to the time of daily tide changes. The volunteers will control the drone and, according to the image transmitted by the drone, shout at the tourists on the reef with a loud horn to let them leave the reef before the tide rises.

On the afternoon of January 23, Wang Yang and his colleagues were patrolling near the trestle as usual. A visitor reported to the security guard near the trestle that several tourists were trapped on the rocks. The Zhanqiao scenic spot office quickly contacted the volunteers nearby. At about 15:30, Wang Yang came into the sea wearing a one-piece waterproof suit and pulled a nine-year-old girl away from the reef.

According to Wang Yang, "At that time, there were only two one-piece waterproof clothes on the scene. Generally, tourists were asked to wear them and leave the reef, and then wear them for other tourists. But at that time, the sea water rose rapidly. After saving the first tourist, the sea water had risen above my waist, which was too late. So I lay down in the middle of the reef, supported on the reef with my legs, and let tourists step on my back and buttocks to leave the reef. The whole process took about 10 minutes Helped 8 tourists leave the reef. "

Wang Yang said that this was the first time he took the method of lying in the sea for rescue. After lying in the sea for a while, the rubber one-piece waterproof clothing was soaked in water. When the temperature was 4 ℃ below zero, it was cold. But what he thought at that time was that these tourists were very happy to travel to Qingdao. They might not change their clothes if they were wet. Even if they were wet, try not to let them get wet. Wang Yang also changed into a big white protective suit as soon as possible after landing. He has no cold at present.

The reporter learned that Wang Yang, who was born in 1976, was a veteran. He retired from the army in 1998, and then worked in the Qingdao Symphony Orchestra. In his spare time, he devoted himself to public welfare and helped others free of charge, which has been more than ten years. In September 2021, the Qingdao Cultural and Tourism Volunteer Association was established with Wang Yang as its president. At present, the association has 325 volunteers, 28 of whom hold the national emergency rescue certificate.

Wang Yang said, "As a party member, in the face of emergencies, I should be ahead, firm in my belief and brave in taking responsibility. I think helping others is to be happy. In addition, teaching others to fish is better than teaching others to fish. After the establishment of the association, we hope to help more people with professional knowledge, and also hope to drive more people to participate, learn some rescue methods, and help others while protecting ourselves."