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Thai Travel Agency: No middleman earns the price d

Speaking of tourism, the travel agency is a travel service agency that can never be bypassed. When we travel with a group, we cannot avoid contact with the travel agency. The travel agency arranges the necessary food, accommodation and transportation for us when we travel, and of course, we do not have to purchase and self-pay items.

So if we choose to go out and surf freely, can we get rid of bypassing travel agencies? When we choose air tickets, hotels, tickets and chartered cars, will we intersect with travel agencies? What is the difference between travel agencies? What role did they play in our trip?

The group that "sells boxed rice" does not "fry"

A group travel agency can be well understood literally, that is, a group travel agency. The first thing we contact with the tour group of the travel agency is the travel agency. From the initial selection of the tour route, signing the travel contract, and paying for the registration This series of intersections with travel agencies are all related to group agencies.

However, if we are careful enough, we will find that some travel agencies can take you to the Arctic whale watching, Tokyo cherry watching, Thailand spa, and sell your park tickets. There are almost everything about outbound travel, domestic travel, cruise, peripheral travel, local travel, tickets, visas, and so on.

If we think of the tour group as the convenient box lunch on the shelf of the convenience store, most of the group travel agencies just put these boxes in front of you through different forms in the convenience store. The difference is only the size and channel of the store. The Tokyo Cherry, Arctic Whale Watching and London Pigeon Feeding you see are just the different flavors of the "convenience store".

The delicious "box lunch" depends on the local reception

Whether traveling from Beijing to Thailand, Shanghai to Thailand, or Hangzhou to Thailand, the travel agency responsible for arranging the travel elements such as food, accommodation, transportation, travel, shopping, and entertainment in the travel group at the destination of Thailand is the local travel agency.

We continue to regard the tour group as the box lunch in the convenience store, and the local travel agency is the catering agency that cooks the box lunch. We can simply say that it is a restaurant. Therefore, the actual arrangement, experience and feeling of our tour group are determined to a certain extent by "this restaurant" and "chef". Therefore, "this restaurant" is the local reception agency, and "cook" is the local reception guide. Why is it more economical to travel with groups

[P] when Thailand's Taiwantong meets the travel agency. Thai Travel Agency: No middleman earns the price difference to face Thai tourists

First, save money!

Some friends may be frustrated by some irregular travel agencies and travel freely in a rage. However, the cost of a free trip is often many times the same as that of the same consumption. You should know that the transportation costs, tickets, and room costs of a single person cannot be compared with the number of tourists from the travel agency. Thai travel agencies face Thai tourists directly, and there is no domestic travel agency middleman to earn the difference.

Second, save your mind!

The painting style of a group tour is basically: there is someone to pick up when you go out, there is no need to think about eating, there is no need to worry about the hotel, there is no need to take care of where you go to play... Just wait for the travel agency to notify you after paying the group fee, there is no need to spend time on the strategy, worry about the journey, and there is someone to take care of everything for you. You just need to listen to the guide and enjoy the whole journey. Thai Thai Vantage Travel Agency plans the most suitable trip for you according to the needs of each passenger. Each scenic spot is no longer about looking at the flowers at a glance, but lets you play incisively and vividly!

In addition, relying on the strong strength of the group and an experienced and high-quality planning and reception team, the Thai Vantone Travel Service Co., Ltd., adhering to the spirit of continuous development and innovation, and relying on various local resources to ensure product quality, while minimizing costs, will deliver the Thai Vantone service to the world.

Thai Travel Agency: No middleman earns the price difference to face Thai tourists