2023-01-24 16:42:01

From 5:30 tomorrow, Nanchang will carry out a wide range of nucleic acid detection in the whole city

Just now, Nanchang issued the latest announcement

Notice on carrying out nucleic acid detection in a large scale in the whole city

In order to further quickly and effectively block the spread of the COVID-19 and effectively protect the lives and health of the people, our city has studied that from 5:30 on July 10, Nanchang County [including Liantang Town, Bayuhu Street, Dongxin Township, Bayi Township, Silver Triangle Management Committee, Xiaolan Economic Development Zone (including Jinhu Management Office and Silver Lake Management Office)], Donghu District, Xihu District, Qingyunpu District, Qingshanhu District, Xinjian District (Changyue, Wangcheng) The High-tech Zone (excluding Liyuzhou Management Office), Honggutan District (excluding rural areas), the Economic Development Zone, the permanent residents of Wanli Administration Bureau, and the personnel coming to Changchang carry out nucleic acid testing for all staff. The relevant matters are announced as follows: 1. The city organizes and coordinates the establishment of nucleic acid testing sampling points in counties (districts). All counties (districts) will mobilize the public to carry out nucleic acid testing in an orderly manner. 2. Please actively cooperate with the general public, follow the arrangement of the neighborhood (township) and community (village) to go to the sampling point, and complete the sampling work according to the guidance of the staff. 3. Please bring your ID card, show the "Changtong Code" on your own initiative, wear a mask throughout the collection process, keep a distance of more than 1 meter with others, and do not talk or gather. 4. In order to improve the collection efficiency, all citizens are invited to enter the "Changtong Code Public End" - Health Code - Nanchang Gantong Code in advance, select the personnel, highlight the code, take a screenshot of the mobile phone, and save the pictures to the mobile phone album. Enter the nucleic acid detection collection stage, call up the screenshot saved health code image, and show it to the staff for scanning code detection. 5. During the nucleic acid testing of all staff, the vaccination of COVID-19 vaccine will be suspended. Please actively participate in regional nucleic acid detection. Those who refuse to cooperate without justified reasons, hinder epidemic prevention and control or cause other serious consequences will bear corresponding legal responsibilities according to law. The Nanchang COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters reminded the general public that the recent hot weather in Nanchang, please pay attention to heatstroke prevention and cooling, thank the general public for their active cooperation. Annex: Contact information of epidemic prevention and control headquarters in all counties (districts) Nanchang COVID-19 prevention and control headquarters July 9, 2022

From 5:30 tomorrow, Nanchang will carry out a wide range of nucleic acid detection in the whole city

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