2023-01-24 11:22:00

The national dinner bill came out: rabbit heads sold well, and orders for snacks and pistachios surged by 700%

Glenway January 24, according to CCTV, this Spring Festival, the data of e-commerce platform shows that "agricultural products into the city, seafood into the countryside" has become the new trend of purchasing New Year's goods this year. In the annual sales season, the sales of domestic high-quality fruits increased by more than 150% year on year. In the consumption of seafood, the proportion of orders in counties and rural areas exceeded that in Beijing, Shanghai and Guangzhou for the first time, and high-quality seafood was served on the table of the rural New Year's Eve. Among all kinds of snacks, nuts have become the most popular choice during the Spring Festival of the Rabbit. The order volume of pistachio increased by more than 700% month-on-month. There is also an eye-catching feature: on the eve of the Spring Festival of the Year of the Rabbit, Sichuan Spicy Rabbit Head has become popular all the way, and the sales of many stores have increased by more than 160% month-on-month.