2023-01-17 13:42:02

The National Conference on Housing and Urban-Rural

The meeting requested that we do a solid job in real estate and housing security and improve the living conditions of the people. As the city implements policies to stabilize the real estate market, steadily implement the long-term mechanism of real estate, and reasonably adjust the restrictive measures, the proportion of down payment of housing loans, the interest rate of housing loans and other policies. We will vigorously promote the work of "ensuring the delivery of buildings and stabilizing people's livelihood". We increased the supply of affordable housing, overcame difficulties, and completed the tasks of the annual plan for the construction of affordable rental housing, public rental housing and shantytowns, and supported the solution of housing problems for new citizens and young people. Reduce the loan interest rate of the first housing provident fund, and introduce the housing provident fund policy to support families with multiple children to rent houses and purchase the first housing. (China Construction News Network)