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Family members of men who died after drinking at t

Zhang Wanjun

A company in Dongguan, Guangdong Province held an annual meeting. Unexpectedly, the 39-year-old employee Jiang Jun (alias) was unconscious after drinking and was sent back to the dormitory for rest by his colleague. Two hours later, he was found dead in the dormitory. On January 12, the family members of the deceased said that they hoped that the relevant departments could intervene in the investigation to find out the real cause of death.

Family members of men who died after drinking at the company's annual meeting: the company insisted that they died of non-work-related injuries

On January 12, Ms. Li (surnamed Hua), a relative of the party concerned, told Jimu News that her brother-in-law Jiang Jun, 39 years old, was from Yongzhou, Hunan Province, and had worked in Guangdong for nearly 20 years. Before the incident, Jiang Jun worked as a mold engineer in a Dongguan Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. in Shuibian Village, Hengli Town, Dongguan City. A pair of underage children were studying in their hometown.

At about 3:00 p.m. on January 8, the family received a phone call from the Dongguan police saying that Jiang Jun had died. At about 5:00 p.m. that day, several family members arrived at the local place to learn about the situation. On the morning of the 10th, the family members saw the body of Jiang Jun at a local funeral home.

The family members learned that on the evening of January 7, the company held an annual meeting in the company canteen, and Jiang Jun drank at the annual meeting. At about 8:00 that night, unconscious, he was carried to his residence by the company boss Dai Mou (the company subsidized the rented house for employees), and the three employees left the dormitory. At about 10:04 that night, the staff who stayed with him came back and found that Jiang Jun was in a wrong situation. They informed the company boss and contacted 120. 120 The medical staff arrived at the scene and confirmed that Jiang Jun had died for a long time due to respiratory and cardiac arrest.

Ms. Li said that the family members watched the elevator monitoring and video monitoring in Jiang Jun's residence through the police. It can be seen that Jiang Jun was completely unconscious when he was carried back to the dormitory by his colleagues. The situation was quite serious. They do not understand why the company has neither arranged for employees to stay and take care of them, nor informed their families to come to take care of them, and the company only informed their families at noon the next day after their death. The police officers told them that homicide was initially excluded, but did not tell the family the basis of the statement. After the incident, the company has always insisted that Jiang Jun died of non-industrial injury and did not cooperate with his family members to carry out industrial injury identification.

Family members of men who died after drinking at the company's annual meeting: the company insisted that they died of non-work-related injuries

"We think there are many doubts about my father's death. The time of death, the real cause of death and other issues are not clear. We hope the police and relevant departments will intervene in the investigation and give us a statement." Jiang Jun's daughter told the Polar News reporter.

According to the Pre-hospital Death Registration Book of the Emergency Department provided by Jiang Jun's daughter, Jiang Jun was diagnosed with respiratory and cardiac arrest and declared clinical death at 22:39 on January 7, 2023.

A surveillance video of the living room of Jiang Jun's dormitory showed that two men carried Jiang Jun into the room, while another man followed him.

On January 12, the reporter of Jimu contacted an employee surnamed Liu who was negotiated between the company concerned and Jiang Jun's family. When the reporter identified himself, he immediately hung up. The reporter also called Dai, the boss of the company, and Yu, the employee who sent Jiang Jun back to the dormitory at that time. The phone call was unanswered, and the reporter sent a text message to Dai without receiving a response.

A man surnamed Wu from the village committee of Shuibian Village, where the company is located, said that it was inconvenient to introduce relevant information, and suggested that the family members of the deceased should directly communicate with the village committee about the matter. The Hengli Branch of Dongguan Public Security Bureau and the Tiankeng Police Station both responded to the Polar News reporter that it was inconvenient to introduce relevant information about this matter.

The staff of the Labor Bureau of Hengli Town told the Polar News reporter that she had heard about the matter, but was not clear about the specific situation.