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Men and women who are forced to live together by t

Recently, an interesting event was exposed in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

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Previously, a woman and a blind man had an appointment to meet for the first time in Sanya. Unexpectedly, they encountered the epidemic, which caused the video of the two people being forced to live together for 10 days to cause heated discussion on the Internet.

Men and women who are forced to live together by the epidemic have obtained marriage certificates, which has taught the majority of men and women a lesson!

[P] 。 The two soon started the pattern of passionate love. Two months later, the woman went to the city where the man lived, and the two officially started living together. Yesterday, the two of them formally got married. Both parents and families were very satisfied and happy.

In this regard, netizens have expressed their views one after another.

Netizen A: You can meet but not ask! Emotional matters cannot be forced.

Netizen B: I have lived with my ex boyfriend for 6 years, but I was not abandoned in the end. The irony is that my girlfriend is still my girlfriend.

Netizen C: Just ask, how can we kiss each other and seal them together? It was the first time I met at the man's home, and the community was closed? ​

Netizen D: Fate and blessing from a previous life. Lovers will get married. Blessing.

Charming, what insights do you have after reading?