2022-11-28 16:52:01

Fake Bottles to Earn Tuition Video, Only Traffic Must "Roll Over"

Original title: Video of Picking up Bottles to Earn Tuition Fees, Only Traffic Must "Roll Over"

Picking up fake bottles to earn tuition video, only traffic will "roll over"

At present, short videos have become an important scene for Chinese people to learn, relax and communicate. How to give full play to the positive energy value of short videos is a serious topic worthy of consideration by the whole society. For a period of time, some short video bloggers have deliberately fabricated virtual stories and false personas based on their traffic, taking advantage of the emotions of netizens and causing adverse social impact.

"A 15-year-old girl, with a childish and simple smile on her face, had to pay her tuition every night by collecting bottles and selling money." On November 23, an We Media blogger released such a video on social media with the caption "If you have such a sensible daughter, you will be very happy". Many netizens were moved by the video content and said "I feel sad after watching it". However, this was actually a trick shot. The girl's family told the reporter, "The video photographer gave her sister 100 yuan and some drinks. The video content was taught by the other party. In reality, there is no such thing as collecting garbage to earn tuition fees.".

Video capture

The video is faked, but the playback is not low. As of 11:30 on November 27, the number of comments and collections of the video on the WeChat video account exceeded 100000, with 62000 forwarded and 27000 comments. With such data, the video has undoubtedly produced great influence and has a stream of traffic that can not be underestimated. Unfortunately, the "Zhuan Ping" in the video has become a tool for counterfeiters.

The starting point of short video is where the social concern is located. As we all know, the story of fighting against poverty in Daliang Mountain has attracted the attention of the people all over the country. Under the leadership of the Party and the government, villagers have risen to the bottom of the poor and worked hard to break the poverty situation, ushering in a great change in life. The girl's family who was filmed enjoyed the national housing policy during the fight against poverty, and received a subsidy of 40000 yuan for building a new house. According to the girl's head teacher, there is no tuition and fees for students to study, and three meals a day are also free. It can be seen that "collecting bottles to earn tuition fees" is nothing, which seriously discredits the achievements of the local poverty alleviation campaign and has a very bad impact. It is necessary to punish them by legal means.

The counterfeiters are not allowed by law. It is understood that the girl's family will report to the local police station after communicating with local government officials. By fabricating false stories to cheat traffic, the case of the final "rollover" was reported by the media many times before. The routines and models are nothing new, but they can always earn people's "reviews". If the vicious circle of fraud is not stopped, it will continue to pollute the ecological environment of short videos. In order to make short videos have more traffic and energy, it is necessary to keep the law in place. Only in this way can we live up to the original intention of "short video recording a better life". (Xie Weifeng)