2022-11-28 16:44:01

The Yisheng Biological Club will be cancelled sudd

On November 27, Gelonghui reported on the website of the Shanghai Stock Exchange that recently, due to the need for further verification of relevant matters, the review of the listing application of Yisheng Bio was cancelled. According to the insiders, Yisheng Bio, which was scheduled to attend the meeting on November 25, was "cancelled the audit", which may be related to the recent IPO of nucleic acid testing enterprises, which has aroused regulatory concern.

On November 21, the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchanges answered reporters' questions about the business and income of some companies to be IPO involving nucleic acid testing and other related topics, saying that they paid close attention to the listing application of enterprises involved in nucleic acid testing, insisted on strict review, and focused on the sustainable operation ability of enterprises.

Yisheng Biology is the first Shanghai listed company involved in nucleic acid detection business after the Shanghai Shenzhen Stock Exchange made the above response. According to the prospectus, in 2020, 2021 and January June 2022, the sales revenue of Yisheng Biological and COVID-19 related products was 46.1476 million yuan, 81.7413 million yuan and 76.8973 million yuan, respectively, accounting for 24.77%, 25.42% and 38.28% of the current operating revenue.