2022-11-28 16:34:01

Urumqi resumed express logistics operation from November 29

Original title: Urumqi resumed express logistics operation since November 29

Urumqi, client of China Youth Daily, November 28 (Wang Xueying, reporter of China Youth Daily and China Youth Network) This morning, Urumqi held a press conference on epidemic prevention and control. Sui Rongtong, member of the Standing Committee of Urumqi Municipal Committee and Minister of Publicity, reported that Urumqi would resume the operation of express logistics enterprises from November 29 (tomorrow) on the premise of unified arrangement of accommodation for employees, strict closed-loop management, implementation of nucleic acid detection and other prevention and control measures, Provide point-to-point distribution services for citizens in low-risk areas.

On November 28, the press conference on epidemic prevention and control in Urumqi was held. Video capture

Since November 29 (tomorrow), the staff of the Party and government organs, enterprises and public institutions who live and work in low-risk areas will report to their communities. After the risk is eliminated through assessment, they can go to and from work point to point. They will not eat during work, get together after work, or go to high-risk areas on the way. Closed loop management will be strictly implemented.

In order to facilitate the travel of citizens, all districts and counties are equipped with a certain number of buses to run within the district and county range, not across districts temporarily. You can go to low-risk areas within the jurisdiction by bus to do shopping.

Sui Rong said that through the unremitting efforts of the whole city, the situation of epidemic prevention and control in Urumqi continued to improve, the scope of high-risk areas continued to narrow, and the life order in low-risk areas accelerated to recover.