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Zhang Shanshan, who is associated with more than 30 nucleic acid institutions, has an unlimited view of the man's "money" behind her

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[P] 。 Tianyan search shows that this is a nucleic acid testing agency established in August this year, and Zhang Shanshan, the company's manager, managed more than 30 nucleic acid testing agencies across the country.

Considering the particularity of nucleic acid enterprises today, Zhang Shanshan and her company have aroused many netizens' doubts, and even some people once thought that "where there is her company, where the epidemic outbreak occurs".

In the midst of all kinds of doubts, even Xining City, Qinghai Province, personally clarified and cut with Xining Nuclear Huaxi Medical Laboratory, which was registered in November.

Zhang Shanshan, who is associated with more than 30 nucleic acid institutions, has an unlimited view of the man's

In fact, according to Tianyan, the holding companies behind more than 30 nucleic acid testing institutions are basically nuclear genes, so the actual controller is actually Zhang Hezi, the boss of nuclear genes.

According to the official official account of Nucleon Gene, Zhang was admitted to China Medical University in 1990 and became the first batch of DNA identification graduate students in China. After graduation, Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau introduced high-tech talents to work in Shenzhen Municipal Public Security Bureau and prepared to set up the earliest DNA identification center in China.

However, Zhang Hezi later left the Public Security Bureau and established a 1000 person villa decoration company in Shenzhen. Shenzhen Nuclear Gene Technology Co., Ltd. was not established until 2012, when China's gene testing market entered a rapid development.

The nuclear genes were punished successively before and after the epidemic.

In 2017, Guangdong Huaxi Forensic Material Evidence Forensic Expertise Institute, another subsidiary of Nucleon Gene, was warned by Guangdong Provincial Department of Justice because it set up a judicial expertise receiving point across provinces in violation of regulations.

In April 2020, Jinan Huaxi was warned and fined by Jinan Municipal Health and Health Commission according to relevant laws and regulations for "not putting infectious medical waste in special packaging".

On January 17, 2021, Jinan Huaxi, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Nuclear Gene, was suspected of falsely reporting that the test result was negative. The next day, Shenzhen Health Care Commission checked in for nuclear gene investigation, and Jinan Huaxi was also immediately stopped from nucleic acid detection business.

The reason is that nuclear genes are too fast.

After the outbreak of the COVID-19, due to the surge in demand for nucleic acid testing, third-party testing institutions have found new revenue growth points.

According to industry insiders, most companies related to gene testing have their own medical laboratory, so they can quickly open nucleic acid testing business.

Nuclear gene is one of the gene testing companies that opened nucleic acid testing business after the epidemic.

According to the report of Southern Weekend, from March to September 2020, the turnover of nucleic acid detection business of nuclear gene will reach 450 million yuan, and more than 100 cooperative agents will make profits of more than one million yuan.

Behind the huge income is the crazy expansion of nuclear genes. According to the statistics of Tianyancha, 16 nucleic acid detection institutions, including "Lanzhou Nuclear Huaxi" and "Xining Nuclear Huaxi", have been successively registered in this year alone.

Another important mode of the crazy expansion of nuclear genes is "investment promotion and alliance".

In 2016, Nuclear Gene officially opened the investment attraction and franchise of "Gene House", and marked "no franchise fee, no foundation, and national key support".

Zhang Hezi once said in a column named "Beyond" that the goal of "Gene House" is to open 10000 families. As of the beginning of 2021, there are nearly 2000 agents in China in just four years,

Such an exaggerated expansion speed, but the requirement of nuclear gene for franchisees is that no medical background is needed.

Zhang Shanshan, who is associated with more than 30 nucleic acid institutions, has an unlimited view of the man's

Today, nuclear gene has occupied a large market in the field of gene detection, but its business has been controversial.

In addition to the relatively mature "DNA paternity testing", "natural gene testing" is also an important business of nuclear genes.

According to the flagship store of Nuclear Gene JD, the so-called "talent gene detection" will detect 40 items of five major items, including "intelligent combination", "talent interest", "learning type", "department selection" and "learning ability", and this business is priced at 9800 yuan.

According to the introduction of the official official account of nuclear gene, "genes determine the upper limit, and the right direction leads to a distance", "natural genes follow us throughout our life, and we can know the memory level of children through gene testing".

Zhang Shanshan, who is associated with more than 30 nucleic acid institutions, has an unlimited view of the man's

In fact, the so-called "gifted gene testing" was widely publicized in the United States in the early years, and was later stopped by the United States due to lack of scientific basis. However, as "gifted gene testing" has just emerged in China, there are no relevant laws and regulations yet.

However, most Chinese experts believe that the "gifted gene detection" has no sufficient scientific basis. The Science and Technology Daily even speaks frankly about "fortune telling in high-tech clothing". The World Finance magazine of CCTV2 has also secretly investigated the chaos of "gifted gene detection".

So far, due to the lack of relevant laws and regulations, nuclear gene has been fined only for suspected false publicity, and its "Natural Gene Detection" project is still in public operation.

Considering the nucleic acid testing institutions with the crazy expansion of nuclear genes, Zhang nucleon really has an unlimited "money" prospect.

But should it really be the quality of an excellent enterprise to keep pace with "money"?

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